Dip/dent in nipple

I have noticed a dip/dent in the centre of my right nipple.  I can feel it when I’m lying down  - it feels like there’s a gap in the centre, and when I stand up I can see a small dent which looks like a line running horizontally in the middle of my nipple measuring about half a centimetre across.  I can’t feel any lump under the nipple but it’s a difficult area to check.  I am 58 years old and had a routine mammogram 4 months ago which was clear.  I am planning to make an appointment with my GP but wondered if anybody else has had this type of problem with their nipple.  Thanks in advance for any replies.

Go back and get it checked out, for peace of mind and for your safety. If its nothing it will give you peace of mind, if its something, well it will give you safety, if you had a mammogram, clear 4 months ago, its reassuring, but better to get it checked even if ignorance is bliss, its not going to go away. I’m 58 no symptoms no lumps, no breast changes just a routine mammogram, like amny of the ladies on here. BIG shock, but better that than to ignore. Good luck

Regards Bloss