I’m 24, About 3 weeks ago I noticed a lump in my left breast, it is deep to the ribs and is under the nipple. It’s firm, it doesn’t move, and I’d say it was an oval shape, right next to it is my usual breast tissue, which has some thickening to it also, as is harder than I’ve ever noticed. Around the same time I noticed a discolouration (bruise type) under my nipple, on the breast. I ignored it as to wait for my period to come and go, which it has now. So I’ve checked my breast again, the lump is the same but you can see a dip/indentation/dimple where the discolouration is, it is there whichever position I am in (arms up/down, tensing etc). My doctor is male so I went to see the nurse at my gp. Now my left breast is smaller than my right breast, and she made a point of letting me know that which made me uncomfortable, she could see the dip/indentation/dimple but told me it’s not what they would look for, for it to cause concern for them? Which is okay, but gave me little reassurance it was okay. And after she had felt my breast wouldn’t let me explain where my lump was and told me that was normal too, she could feel it, and the thickening. But all I got was its nothing to worry about. But I am worried, her attitude towards me changed once I let her know I had no family history of breast problems. In fact I’m probably the only one in my family lacking breasts (I’m size A and they are E’s upwards). I was just wondering if I should go back or just leave it as its normal?

I’d go back and see a doctor for a 2nd opinion & reassurance.   I saw a male doctor last week, the surgery insist a female comes in too.   So I think the lady was a practice nurse.  I just didn’t think about who it was I just wanted it seen.  At the end of the day they are incredibly professional.  Best of luck X