Disability element of working tax credits

Hi all,
Don,t know if anyone can help with this. Have been off work since November, and claiming SSP as my employer doesn,t pay sick pay. I,m a single parent, and receive working and child tax credit. On looking thru their guidelines earlier, I see that there is a disability element available. Their guidelines say that if you are renewing a claim, then it would be payable if I was unable to work an 8 hour day, but when I phoned, the adviser said I would only get it if I was claiming DLA. Does anyone have experience of qualifying for this?
Herbi x

Hi yes I think you only get the disability part if you get dla don’t think you can get it otherwise I get ESA contribution based my oh works that’s why I get it hope this helps

You can get the disability element of tax credits if you don’t receive dla. Certain criteria has to be met, 4 co Dione as they call them. I have just applied over the phone and am waiting for decision. Go on Internet and type in disability element of tax credits fact sheet for info. Good luck x

Hi I don’t think you can no you have to get high rate dla