Just my two pence worth.

DLA - if you have secondary breast cancer you get the care component at the higher rate and only have to tick one box for that section of the form and not complete any information relative to care. You do need to enclose form DS1500 completed and signed by your gp or oncologist. DS1500 is statement that you have terminal illness and that you have less than 6 months. I got mine in March. The medical person may be hesitant to give you this form becuase of the inference that you don’t have long. You do, however, have to fill in the section on mobility. I got the macmillan nurse based at a local cab office to help me complete it. Not so sure about DLA if you have primary only, never been there.

Don’t forget when you get DLA for mobility at the higher rate this opens the door for other things. You have to apply to your local council but will get a disabled badge. You can apply for a free bus pass. You can get a radar key for public disabled toilets.

Hope this info helps someone.


Hey to All

Just a wee note on the blue disabled badge.

You should be able to get this from diagnosis. I sent a wee letter with the form from my BCN just confirming that I have BC & am having 8 cycles of chemo followed by 6 weeks rads…nothing more than that & I got my badge within 2 days.

I don’t use it on the week that I don’t feel too bad, but it’s a godsend when I’m feeling really bad & fatigued/nauseas after chemo.


Hazel - is that in Scotland? x

Its in England aswell im just filling in the forms xx

Its in England aswell im just filling in the forms xx

hi ladies,

just wanted to say that i lost my right leg to bone cancer at age 19 and i was also refused dla after a certain period of time as they said i had had long enough to rehabilitate and could live a more or less ‘normal’ life!! The first time they said no i didn’t even appeal or anything but then decided to re-apply a while later. that time i was asked to go for a medical assessment which i did and was then granted both care and mobility parts. i’ve recently had to reapply as my previous claim ran out and i’m still waiting to hear back from them.

what i was advised by my social worker is to fill out the forms describing things at their very worst but to obviously say that some days are better than others but don’t necessarily go into detail about the good days if that makes sense.

good luck, xxx

hi all
where do you get the blue badge forms from please??

i have the dla forms and have had for a few mths
i cant seem to get started
there is so many questions dont relate to me

but nearly 2 weeks out of 3 on chemo i cant cook for my son, have to have my mum in the house for when i shower as im so dizzy, cant do school runs etc and just stay in bed or on sofa

Hi Lincs lady, I do not know where you live but in Scotland the application forms for blue badges are now obtained from the library! Odd I know. It used to be the council who dealt with it but for some reason it is the library now. You also need 2 passport photos. It is one of the best things ever for me and I would be lost without it. The rules of where you can and cannot park is VERY confusing. You need to be a lawyer to understand the inns and outs! So if you are confused too come back to me and I will try to explain. (In England you need a card with a “clock” on display but you do not need it when parking in Scotland). Good luck. love Val

Am I right in assuming that DLA and Blue Badges are only if you have secondaries?

hi lolly73

no, its if they consider you have a disability from your illnes, i applied and was tuned down, yet my sister who had the same bc as me 6 years ago, still gets the lower eliment, and uesd to get the full amount, i have just appealed
julie x

i have just received comfirmation of getting highter DLA & low rate care componant for breast cancer. I have had a mastectomy and full axillary clearance. Will hve had 5 ops by end of December and cannot move my arm properly yet. i hve nerve damage which comes with the mastectomy op.

Hi everyone, I applied for DLA in October and was declined but I sent a letter of appeal and have been awarded the middle rate of the care component for DLA. If you are refused, try again, it will be worth if!

Dena xx

filled out the forms a few months ago, got refused. so im appealing, have been told i wont get another answer until at least mid april.

I had stage 2 breast cancer, had 2 ops in 2008, lumpectomy, nodes removed, chemo last January and rads June then 5 years of Arimidex. I have been quite disabled by the side effects of the treatment, I have bad Neuropathy in my hands and legs and feet due to chemo and Lympoedema in hand, arm and breast. I already had bad Arthritis at the top of my spine and that is now a lot worse. I applied for DLA in July and Monday they sent a Medical Expert round to visit me to ask me more questions. He seemed very sympathetic but he doesn’t make the decisions. Anyway I hope to hear soon now. If I don’t get it I will appeal. If anything the past 6 months things have got more difficult. I will let you ladies know how it goes

Helen x