Hi everyone,
I wanted to share my experience with you as there are many of you not getting what you deserve.
When I was diagnosed I was advised to apply for dla by the macmillan benefits lady at the hospital.I got refused after my application saying basically I wasnt ill enough after all I only have breast cancer with lymph node involvement.aron
I wrote a lengthy reply and asked ssomeone else to look at the claim again (this is not an appeal was saving that for the next step if this didnt succeed)… I told them about the phsycological affects that having a diagnosis like this causes and that they hadnt looked at the full picture of my illness… I am happy to say they granted me the DLA both care component and mobility.
I just wanted you all to know this, I think its their initial reaction to refuse it hoping you wont question the refusal!
So go for it ladies and If you need any help with your forms what so ever please dont hesitate to contact me.
Sharon xx

Hi Sharon

Thanks for the post. I have DLA forms to fill in, as I was told that I should be eligible, but I just don’t see how!

I have no idea how to PM Or anything, but anything you can advise re filling in the forms would be appreciated.


I was also advised to apply for this, after I had my lymph nodes taken out and prior to starting chemo. The DWP wrote to my GP and I was turned down because he said I was not disabled enough. When my OH questioned this with another GP in the practice who just happens to be the first GP’s wife, he was told you have to lose the use of all of your limbs to qualify. Funny how there are a lot of quite able bodied people sitting in the surgery waiting room who are getting it then.

Don’t get me started on GPs.

hya,When my first one came back as i wasnt eligible as i wasnt ‘ill’ enough I wrote back saying I didnt think they had fully understood the extent of going thru chemotherapy,not only physically, ie limited arm movement which i have as ive not had my surgery yet and i get realy bad chemo flare in the affected areas.But also phsycologically,i pointed out the dizzyness that chemo causes and therefore i have someone with me all the time… If anyone wants any help please feel free to send me an email and i will forward you my letter I sent them.
It annoys me and dont get me started as if i started drinking a couple of litres of vodka a day i would get the highest rate … also if i was on heroin i would get it and carers allowance ! The country is wrong.xx

has anyone got dla after treatment has finished due to the long term side effects of treatment? For me it is the chemo brain, the severe depression and the osteoporosis. i am still in my job but finding it harder and harder to cope. reasonable adjustments have been made but i still struggle. I am fed up with feeling scared all the time. My tolerence to stress is also very minimal.I worry about financial situation if i did not work. I am 40 so early retirement is probably not an option. My confidence is very low. i am having counselling and input from mental health services. Any advice ?


Hi ladies,
I picked up the DLA forms yesterday. Don’t know how successful I’ll be but I’ll give it a go.
It’s been a year since my diadnosis, and have had 2 ops, chemo and rads, now on Arimidex.
Having terrible problems with pain, I already had arthritis in my spine, now also have memory problems, stress problems, neuropathy and Lymphoedema etc. I’ll let you know how I get on.
I’ve already applied for ESA. My husband was made redundant a couple of months ago so even if I get that it seems if he works more than 24 hours a week I won’t be eligable.

Helen xxx

RE ESA if you tick the boxes medically you may get ESA if it is based on NI contributions as opposed to income. At least I think so!!
Good luck with your applications anyway
Regards Alicex

ESA takes over when your sick pay stops so i believe and medically u will automatically qualify.

Just thought I’d mention that the people who deal withthe DLA claims are not medically trained so you need to give them as much info as possible because they make the decision based entirely on what you put on the forms.

good luck to anyone applying

Hi Helen

I’m pretty sure you have been given wrong information. DLA is not means tested has nothing to do with your husband’s income. You should be entitled to it in your own right to meet your needs. I would definately check this with someone else.

Anne xx

Thanks for all this ladies - my family and I were discussing all this yesterday. Will be applying very soon! (this web site is wonderful)


hello i was wondering in any can give me some advice i was diagnoised with breast cancer last year and had to have a full mast and l/node removal i have not made any claims to any benefits as i did not know i could it is it possible for any advice on what i can claim for …thank you all so much

I don,t know exactly what you may be entilted to but citizens advice are great and will find out what your due, did you know that you are entitled to free prescriptions for 5yrs luv sheena


I was diagnosed with IDC in Aug 07, I had neo-adjuvant chemo followed by a Mastectomy in Jan 08 - I had 7/10 lymph nodes involved. This was followed by 5 weeks of radiotherapy and a year of Herceptin which I finished in May of this year. I had a reconstruction in July and had 10 weeks off of work. I work full-time as a window dresser (very physical) and do get very tired. I do suffer from joint pain now, but wonder if this is a side-effect of Tamoxifen. I would be delighted to know whether I qualify for DLA but don’t know where to get the forms. Thanks for any advice or info.

Tracy x

Hi Tracy,

While you are waiting for your fellow forum users to reply, here is a link to one of Breast Cancer Care’s publications that you may find useful called Breast Cancer and Benefits, which includes a section on DLA:


Kind regards,
Kate, BCC Facilitator

Interesting post this.
The benefits system is so complicated in the UK, but as someone said DLA is not means tested.
I have been working at the Citizens Advice for a year now advising for 5months. They are definately cutting back on DLA applications as we get so many people wanting to appeal. Most CAB places have specialist advisors who can help filling in the forms for you and also help with appeals.
As i was treated very badly at a medical and they refused even to continue paying my NI stamp only a month after finishing chemo I do feel for people who are turned down for the help they should get.


i found keeping a diary for a month of how i felt and how i am affected daily both phisically and menatlly and discribe symptoms clearly ie burning pain or stabbing pain you will feel you are repeating yourself but dont worry as said these people are not medics just ordinary folks thy need more of a picture painted worked for me 2nd time applying all the best sheena x

9 July 2009

DWP Disability & Carer’s Service
OBU 4 Benefits Centre
P O Box 34
B99 1AR

Dear Sir/Madam

National Insurance Number:

Further to my recent claim for Disability Living Allowance, this was refused. I would like to ask you to revise your decision.

The reason I am asking you to reconsider is because I do not believe that you have considered the true extent of my illness and resulting limitations.

You state that your decision has been based on TEST results, how on earth you can do that when we do not know the full extent of my prognosis until the operation to remove my lymph nodes is carried out in November and subsequent testing to seek any further spread.
You state I can attend social events, the only event I have attended since starting chemotherapy has been a weekend away which should have been my hen party but I was too ill to attend of the activities I merely lay in the shade and rested,with carers STILL carrying out there duties for me.
My medication has been increased due to several complications and hospital admissions, I now have to have daily injections in my tummy administered by my husband to boost my bone marrow which in itself leaves me in excrusciating pain. I am on antibiotics also on day 5 from Chemotherapy to prevent a reoccurance of infection which in turn causes oral thrush and burns to my tongue.All this combined has resulted in me now having to have antidepressants as Its becoming a huge problem being a burden to others and losing my independence.

I would also like to point out that prior to this I was a very proud and positive individual and when I visit my oncologist once a month I try to put on an act of ‘coping’ well as I do not want my treatment jeopardized by me being too poorly. I want everything that they can throw at me safely to get me through this with hopefully a successful result.

Please consider that I require a substantial amount of care and attention throughout the day in relation to care/mobility and also psychological needs.

The following are factors for consideration:

• Constant pain and discomfort limit my daily life and affect my state of mind. I cannot lift my arm comfortably, due to the chemo flare under my armpits and in my breast, I cannot lift my babies.

• I often feel low in mood and lack motivation. I need encouragement from another person to function on a daily basis.

• I feel depressed on a daily basis due to the pain, emotional trauma and stress related to this potentially life threatening diagnosis.

• I have debilitating mood swings.

• I need to be accompanied outdoors; I have a lack of confidence and get very distressed. I need reassurance.

• Exertion undertaking ordinary daily tasks makes me extremely tired. I need constant help and I have to take regular rests.

• My self esteem and confidence are affected due to the side effects of chemotherapy.

• The impending surgery for a double mastectomy and reconstruction is having an adverse psychological effect on my emotional state of mind with regard to my female identity.

• The strain of putting on a front for family, friends, my young children and others is immense.

• I become physically exhausted from the emotional stress of my condition, I often cannot even get to the toilet without being on all fours, this has been since my last chemotherapy 6 wks ago Taxotere which is very strong. I have cleaners coming in twice a week to make the house sterile to avoid infection.To relieve stress a little bit for me a local charity have recognized the need to send my daughters to nursery for me twice a week to give me the rest to hopefully build my body back up to at least walking properly.

All of the above factors mean that I require help from others all of the time. I would ask you to consider not just the physical aspect of my breast cancer, but also the psychological impact that it is having on a regular and substantial basis on my daily life.

I ask you to revise this decision and if I don’t get a satisfactory outcome I will be pursuing the appeal process. I don’t think that I should be going through this additional stress for something that Is clearly needed!.

Yours faithfully

smallstar what a star! you are your leter was very helpful and shows how as much as we shouldn,t have to spelling it out sadly is what is needed to get results you deserve,i,m sure it will be of great help to others take care ,sheena

Dear Smallstar,

I agree. This letter is marvellous! Your strength is an inspiration. Thank - you