Disability ???

Good day all, My wife has been through masectomy,chemo,radiotherapy and she is now on Herceptin. She has now been told that she is classed as disabled. Does anyone know what the benifit this is to BC sufferers ? I have searced all over the web and cannot find anything.
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Dave (hubby)

Hi Dave,

I am sorry to hear that your wife has been going through a dx of breast cancer and all the treatments that involves.

I think there is some confusion over the word disabled in what I think the person is referring to. On the Macmillan site it states:

“Under the Equality Act, it’s unlawful for an employer to discriminate against a person because of their disability. Everyone with cancer is classed as disabled under the act.”

You might like to read the whole article and the link is:



Hi Dave

My employer has a seperate category of leave, being disability adjustment leave, which people with disabilities can take when they are undergoing treatments such as radiotherapy (rather than sick leave). The are conditions to qualify for this but it does mean you do not use up all of your sick leave entitlement quite so quickly. If your wife works, it would be worthwhile asking if her employer has any such policies.


So for instance if she is having trouble at work, she has additional employment rights and the employer must make certain adaptations to maximise her chance to keep the job, or try to redeploy her, and if she is going for a different job she is more or less entitled to an interview at least, so the onus is on the prospective employer to show why she is not suitable. Doesn’t guarantee she would get the job, but it does up the chances.

It doesn’t automatically mean she can get a blue badge for parking or a mobilty scooter etc, but all that is also worth looking into if she has mobility problems, and that also might mean there are places you can go into for free (eg national trust properties, some cinemas ect) as her carer. The blue badge if she can get it, is a passport to some other transport help like dial-a-ride/taxicard. Also if you are having trouble with electricity bills ect, they will not cut you off if there is someone disabled in the household.

Finally, remember that once you have a cancer diagnosis you go onto free prescriptions, and that’s not just for your cancer drugs it includes other prescriptions too eg if you had athletes foot or asthma as well as the cancer, or needed antibiotics. Sadly it doesn’t cover specs or dental treatment though, Boo.

Hi Dave,

Here’s the link to BCC’s publication The Employ Charter


And the area of this website where disability is discussed:


Also, the helpline here may be able to help you with this if you would like to give them a call. Calls are free, 0808 800 6000
lines open M-F 9-5 and Sat 9-2

Hope this helps. Take care,
Jo, Facilitator

I’m a bit confused by this myself. I’m in the process of applying for a promotion at work and am asked to fill in a monitoring form where I’m asked if I consider myself to have a disability which affects my ability to do my job etc etc. I’ve had bilateral mx and finished chemo in August but have made a good recovery and cycle and run regularly. I can’t honestly say the bc and subsequent treatment has had any signicant affect on my work which is office/desk based.

Should I say I have a disability, or not? Btw I really want the job!

Hi CateeO,

Presumably your employers are aware you have had breast cancer so perhaps in the appropriate place you can state that bit I quoted in my post above “Everyone with cancer is classed as disabled under the Equality Act” and go on to say “however I…” showing them that you consider you have made a very good recovery.


Dawn hc,

thankyou so much for your advice on this subject,

my employers have been great and im just about to start a phased return to work, but feel i have to get up to my full hours asap; After reading the link, i now know i can take as long as i need.

Dave & co, MacMillan are really clued up about this sort of thing so well worht giving them a call. They have an excellent guide for employers which they sent to me and I gave to my HR Director who said it was really helpful.