Disappointed ? fundraising pink ribbon walk

Im sorry to say but I’m so disappointed… I received an email about the Pink Ribbon Walk and thought, before going on to BCC site, that’s something I could do to give back for the support I received from the forum, but on going to the information page was gutted to see its £30 to register and you must raise a minimum of £100. Sadly I can’t guarantee to raise £100 although I would like to think I have good friends who’d donate, but on top of that I can’t justify the £30 to register just now. I have not been able to return to work after my mastectomy 18 months ago (due to complications from the amount of surgery) and have had to claim for ESA then in October my partner was laid off from work and was on JSA till last week when he got a job, but it’s minimum wage and we’re barely getting by. Surely it’s better to raise something than nothing, this has made me wonder, surely I’m not the only one in this position and I wondered if anyone else has faced this problem in trying to give back? Sorry if I sound mean, it’s not intended to be I just feel deflated as I thought my friend and I could do it.

Not mean.  In fact there are web sites that rank charitable organizations and how much goes toward administration vs toward the purpose of the charity.  Look the charity up and determine the rank, for registration fee that sounds absurd UNLESS that amount is counted/included toward the 100, OR is refunded if you show up to participate.  What I am happy to hear is that you felt well enough to participate - yay.

Thanks for your reply cif ? another couple of people have commented on Facebook about it too. There was one woman who wanted to do it with her child but can’t because of the costs involved, I still feel they would raise more if the costs were less and sponsorship restriction wasn’t in place, theres bound to be lots of people who feel they could raise something, which is better than nothing. I’m still signed off as unfit for work due to lymphodema and upper body problems but walking daily to try and get fit physically and mentally, thought this would give me more incentive for my weight loss plan too, none the less in keeping going with our anyway! Thanks again x

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