I had a lumpectomy on valentines day with sentinel node biopsy, no clear margins were able to be found and changed cells widespread around the tumour. So, a mestectomy then, which I had 2 weeks ago. I thought that was that but saw the surgeon on wed and he now says he thinks I will benefit from Chemo. So nowha e to seethe Oncologist to discuss. I will go for it if she thinks it will be beneficial too but as there was no cancer cells in the 6 lymph nodes they have taken I thought I would get away with not having it. Just disappointed as it’s more waiting for another appointment and not being able to plan anything.

It will be for the best and it will pass fairly quickly! I have started with the chemo so I have the op to go in 6 months time!

Hi, your situation is very similar to mine. I had lumpectomy and SNB on 27th Jan, no clear margins and microscopic bit of cancer in just one node. Had mastectomy full clearance and reconstruction on 20th March. Haven’t had results yet but consultant thinks I should have chemo and has made me an appt with oncologist. Like you I thought once I’d had mastectomy that would be that. The waiting is the worst thing isn’t it?? Really hope all goes well for you.

Hi barbersdrove I had my mastectomy 4th april last year with full lymph node clearance at first they didnt think I would have to have chemo but it had spread to another lymph node so 2 out of 12 were infected at the time I was gutted but now its all behind me I look bk and im so glad i had it, I know now that they have thrown every thing at it I had radiotherapy and im on tamoxifen for 5 years.I agree with what rosie14 and taxiforjac said it is for the best and waiting around can drive you gar-gar,I m going to see my consultant at the end of the month for reconstruction I still got a way to go.Good luck with every thing. Yvonne