Well was going to get results today after 3 rd lumpectomy but hospital rang to say results not ready I really hoped I could move forward today??my bc nurse is going to ring me hopefully this week .I have asked for meeting at work to see if we cAn make a plan but am wondering if I’ll hear by Thursday Feel really fed up ??

Oh dear.  I wonder if they realise how these delays bring us crashing down?  When did they do the lumpectomy?  Mine was a week ago today, and I am supposed to get my results tomorrow.  I do hope you get yours soon.

My op was a week ago yesterday and I don’t get my results until next Wednesday I know the multi disciplinary team meet on s Monday and most of my appointments will then be on s Wednesday x it cold vary between health authorities x

I remember when I had my op, my bcn said that they would not call me in until they had all the results in rather than have to ask me come in if some were back and not others because they wanted to be able to give me the whole picture.  The MDT met on a Wednesday and all my appointments were on a Thursday.



Oh dear, sorry to hear this.  I hope you don’t have to wait too much longer.  x

No results as yet I’ve got this meeting today with work I was hoping to be able to let them know my results so we can plan ahead I’m not looking forward to it as I can’t even do that now Took a sleeping pill last night as I didn’t sleep for 2 nights worrying about work and results Sorry ladies I’m. Dry low at the moment xx

Peebles don’t apologise fit feeling low just come and tell us we can’t all be miss sunshine all the time x

Not surprised you are fed up Peedles, it’s the blooming waiting that gets us down. Got my fingers crossed that you are now feeling a bit better. Sending a big hug. X 

Hi all Got my results Friday The last surgery was clear thank god so now waiting for radiotherapy xx I feel so relieved I feel also so tired I think the adrenaline is going It’s been such a long journey so far. I now have to mKe the decision if to go back to work until radiotherapy or stay off until it’s finished Any ideas xx Hope everyone is ok Big hugs xxxx

Fab news x I can’t comment on rads not started mine yet so don’t know how they affect people x

Aaah Thankyou for you’re help I will ask my boss when I know a bit more about when I’m having radiotherapy I feel tired at the moment think all my adrenaline is getting back to normal !!

I was advised not to return in between surgery and rads as I work in school not sure yet when rads will be but surgeon said approx 6 to 8 weeks after surgery. X

HI all it’s Peedles here Sorry haven’t been on for a while I got new phone and couldn’t get back on to forum with my name So now I’m Suzie123 Confusing I know I now have got oncologist appt for 4th Sept so will keep in touch Will be going for radiotherapy soon xxx Hope everyone ok Xx

Hi peedles/suzie nice to see you back xx