discharge and tamoxifen

Hi ladies,
not been on for a while, but always come back when i have a query…
been on tamoxifen now for 5 years, i did change to exemestane briefly, but had such bad side effects on it that i was put back on tamoxifen.
i have always had vaginal discharge whilst on Tamox.and been under gynae for it, but gynae say it is just the tamox. causing it. lately it has seemed to be worse and getting embarasing, as i feel other people can smell it… they probably can’t but it is making feel unclen over the day. When spoke to consultant at hospital she said it probably because i get given different brands and they are probably the cheaper ones. You can no longer get Novaldex, pharmasists only use the cheaper brands.
So this means putting up with the dischsge as i am staying on tamox. for another 2 years.
Anyone suffering similar and any tips??
marg xxx


Don’t have an answer but do have the same question. I had a cervical smear yesterday and the nurse said it looked like I have thrush. I have noticed I have a white discharge, but it doesn’t feel like thrush to me - no itching. Is this caused by tamoxifen and what is it? I also had contact bleeding with the test which the nurse said was probably hormonal - anyone else had this and can I just ignore it?


Hi I too suffer with discharge,not so much now as when I first started tamoxifen which was 2 years ago.I also had contact bleeding at my last smear and was told it prob was to do with tamoxifen and hormones,I also had thrush.My results from the smear showed borderline changes which doctor said could be to do with the tamoxifen and the thrush.She said that they usually revert back to normal and I have to have another smear in 6 months.

Mel xx

I had this too, and just put up with it (as you do!), and used pantyliners. Then it started getting itchy so I got some Canesten from the pharmacy and it cleared the lot up straight away, so guess it was thrush even though it didn’t have the same tell-tale characteristics (I never have been able to stand cottage cheese!)


Hi Ladies,
I have been on tamoxifen for 3 and a half years and before I started taking it oncologist warned me that a common side effect was a heavy discharge - he was right! If I use a pad I too get thrush so generally put up with it and try to keep clean. Tamoxifen also never stopped my periods so I still have very heavy and regular periods although consultant not too worried about this. Also have hot flushes and weight gain round my middle but will put up with it if it does the job!
Take care ladies!
Love Shorty2

Just read the long list of side effects from tamoxifen and vaginal discharge is listed there, so I guess it’s just another thing we have to put up with. Also mouth ulcers which is another thing I was blaming on chemo but now will attribute to tamoxifen as well.

Weight gain around the middle isn’t listed, but I’m definitely getting this, despite losing half a stone since taking tamoxifen. Just not fair!

Helen. xx

Thanks for your replies. Looks like it is something else i have to put with along with weight gain. Sometimes i get fed up of having to put up with things!! I know i should greatful for my health, but it is just hard sometimes. Sometimes just feel like coming off tamox. altogether and taking my chances!!
marg xxx

I have the same problem and have to wear pads day and night. i was prescribed oestrogen pessaries but couldn’t take them as my breast cancer was HER positive. I can’t seem to get anyone to give me an answer about the discharge so am having to put up with it! Have to say that apart from that I am now waiting for my second endometrial polypectomy in under one year - also apparently can be a side effect of the tamoxifen. Have another 3 1/2 years on it so could need at least another three operations!

Hi girls I’m new on this forum I don’t tend to get bleeding I’ve been on Tamoxifen for about eight weeks now but find that I have watery discharge you know just ordinary discharge… even though I am post menopausal although II have always still had discharge… I’ve got massively much wetter does anybody else suffer from this I’ve been told by my oncologists today that my full body CT scan taken last week …The scan has shown a fluid content in my womb… waiting to have an ultrasound tomorrow to find out what is causing this wondering if this has anything to do with my excessive watery discharge and the use of Tamoxifen … many thanks Donna x