Discharge from nipple and then calcifications on mammogram/ultrasound


I had some brownish/yellow discharge from my right nipple a couple of weeks ago and was quickly referred by my GP to the breast clinic. They have found some calcifications in one breast, which weren’t there when I last had a mammogram in 2018. I’m 45 and had had a previous mammogram due to breast pain in the same breast, but it was clear at that point. I was breastfeeding my son for 6 years up until February 2022 and this is also the breast that he mainly fed from, particularly in latter years. 

I went for my biopsy today and after they had taken samples of the first cluster I nearly fainted so I now have to go back on Friday for the second area to be done. I am just feeling increasingly anxious about the number of calcifications and the fact there are two areas.

Not really sure what I’m looking for - maybe just some reassurance that it’s normal to have calcifications in several places in the breast. 


Hi welcome to the forum , sorry you didn’t get a reply sooner . How did you get on with your second visit ?

Hi Lauh 

Thank you for your post.  We thought it would be helpful for one of the nurses to reply.

It’s natural to feel worried when we get unusual symptoms and need to see the GP and have further tests at the hospital.  

Breast calcifications are common and can occur in more than one place in the breast. When they are found on mammogram, it’s not unusual to need a biopsy to make sure the calcifications are due to benign changes (not cancer).  

Having a biopsy and waiting for the results can be a scary time. We understand you had your biopsy last Friday.  Hopefully you will have the results soon.

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