Discharged Today!

Just wanted to say, I was officially discharged from the Oncology Clinic this afternoon. I saw an Oncologist I hadn’t seen for a year as my usual Oncologist had 3 new patients to deal with (although she did say to tell me if I wanted to wait 2 hours she would see me). However, the woman oncologist I saw is lovely so it was fine. She was very thorough and gave me a good check over. I discussed with her all the problems I’d had before starting with topical oestrogen and seeing the psychologist for some counselling; things are getting so much better now. She told me she was having a meeting with the other oncologist at the end of the clinic and said she would be really pleased to hear things are working out a lot better now. I feel really privileged to have had these wonderful people handling my care and I actually felt a bit tearful afterwards.

My OH said it was another milestone in what has been a very dark time for us and I feel I can press on with all the new plans I’ve been working on tomorrow, retraining, getting more involved in the business etc. Couldn’t have done it without the support of this board either, so thanks to all the marvellous ladies here as well.

Cherub, wonderful news, so pleased for you. Now go for it!!
Wishing you good health and peace

Thanks Margaret, I am just so pleased to have come this far.

Well Done Cherub and thank you for coming and sharing your news it is nice to see a light a then end of the tunnel that isnt an Inter City 125 LOL


I am rooting for you and wishing it was me take care x

The best news for you to hear, great for us too

Take care