Discomfort 2.5 weeks post surgery

Just looking for a bit of reassurance please!

on Friday 13th I had lumpectomy and lymph node removal. My boob and scars are absolutely fine (a little bruised maybe) but really not painful.

It’s my inner arm (inside bicep) that’s causing me the most discomfort. I can only describe it as stingy or as if someone is rubbing sandpaper up and down it. It almost feels ‘sticky!’

It’s fine if I rest it away from anything and it’s not in contact with the rest of my body or clothing!

I’m doing my exercises and have full mobility- I’m presuming this is from the lymph nodes but just wondered if anyone else has had similar?

thank you so much in advance 


Hi I’m sorry I can’t help you with your question, however I know what you’re feeling as I also had the same procedure though mine was done on November 19th.

I’ve got good movement in my arm and I’m doing the exercises, though the tenderness and soreness as you described is at times getting me down.

This coming Thursday December 3rd my dressings are coming off, I’m hoping then I will get some relief.

It would be good to keep in contact and follow each other’s progress.


Hi Cookies4

It’s early days for recovery from breast surgery but I know from my experience that removal of lymph nodes can mean damage to the nerves which serve your arm. When you think how deep they have to go to get the nodes, it seems inevitable. Strange sensations, tingling, numbness would all sound normal to me. These may heal in time but it’s a good idea to ask at your next appointment as they will know how extensive the surgery was. 

I’ve got the impression it’s pot luck as to whether the inner arm returns to normal so you just have to keep on with the exercises and hope it will ease off eventually. Like I said, your surgical team will have the answer.

All the best with your treatment x

Hi Cookies 4,

Just to say I’m thinking about you and hope all goes well tomorrow.

Big Hugs.

Hi Emma,

I hope you’re feeling a bit better? My operation was on the 19th and I’m having the exact same issue! I saw the consultant yesterday and they said they’d be more concerned if I didn’t have any pain in my arm and that it’s a good thing?! Apparently it can sometimes take a few months (or longer) for it to feel normal again. 

For me, the worst pain has been my nipple area. Since the dressing has come off it’s so sensitive and feels like I’m being poked with needles constantly. Has anyone experienced this? I ended up putting another dressing on as I could cope with the feeling at all. 

I was diagnosed on my 35th birthday in October - are there any other thirty something ladies? Xx