Discomfort 3yrs on and side effects with Letrozole

Hi, I had lumpectomy and axillary lymph node clearance in April 2016, followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy, finished treatment November 2016. I have some lymphoedema in arm on affected side and wear a sleeve most of the time. I’m concerned that my breast and under arm are still tender 3 yrs on, sometimes seems worse than others but really uncomfortable at the minute but did do a 5hr drive Saturday and 3hr drive Sunday so wondered if that has affected it. Also been on Letrozole for 3yrs and have now developed trigger finger on unaffected side, 2 cataracts, and an intermittent twitching lower lip! I have all the usual joint and muscle aches particularly bad in a morning just wondered if anyone else has any of these problems, to be honest not felt this low since I was diagnosed, very tearful and feel totally washed out.

Hi Tanyette

Sorry to read that you’re struggling right now. I certainly can empathise with you! I am on a similar  time frame and treatment path to you. I had lumpectomy, chemo and radiotherapy, finished in Dec 2016. Am currently on letrozole and zoladex.

I can get discomfort on bad side, and is sometimes aggravated by driving. So your pain can be down to that. Having just had a clear mammogram, I know that all is OK, so any discomfort I get must be due to the surgery. 

Letrozole is certainly challenging! Having been on it for over 2 years, I can’t believe I’ve got another 8 to go!! For me, the fatigue is the hardest. I also have ME so I’m sure the letrozole is making things worse. I really have to pace myself and can sometimes be sole destroying. Bone and muscle pain are also difficult and it all takes me a while to get going in the mornings!

I hope I’ve reassured you that what you are feeling seems to be normal, but if you have concerns then make an appointment with your oncologist. There are other drugs they can try. 

Hugs xx