discomfort after 2nd breast conserving operation

Hi everyone, 

I had a second breast conserving operation 2 weeks ago, I also had my sentinel lymph node removed too.

I thought I was recovering quite well, my wounds have completely healed but I thought I would take a short drive tge other day. Well I only drove a couple of miles, now for last 2days I have had discomfort under my arm and shooting pains through my breast. 

Does anyone have any idea how long before the shooting pains ease and how long for the under arm discomfort to ease?

Perhaps im being a bit impatient vas after my first op, I felt much better sooner.

Thanks for reading my letter,

Love lynne x


Hi Lynne

I found my 2nd op much more painful than the first, took place on 26th Jan and still getting stabbing pains if I try reaching out or up. I’m thinking it’s probably because they disturbed what was already healing, and also had to go quite deep to (hopefully) clear it out fully. They did the SNB first time, and that was really painful and swollen for 3 weeks. So I’m not surprised you’re still hurting, looks like you got a double-whammy.

I hope you feel better soon

Love, Rose

I’m still getting shooting pains four months after second WLE to clear margins! Annoying! Consultant says they might go on another year. Probably the nerve endings healing.