Discomfort, bras and support.


Evening Friends.


Please can anyone suggest a supportive smooth bra. Had surgery September 2017 and have been wearing the soft crop top type bras as normal ones rubbed both WLE and SNB scar. Can wear normal for a few hours/day if needs be. Had to lose nipple as lump to close to it so have a 4” scar right across. Due to ongoing discomfort and now mild Lymphoedema around elbow area my Lymphoedema and BC nurse have both said to wear a more supportive bra to help with discomfort etc.


I cannot find one that has smooth cups or lower under the arm to clear SNB scar. Have seen the Nike sports compression one but would like something more feminine and without the Nike logo. Also are too high at sides. 


Please can anyone suggest anything.


Many thanks


Frances xxx


 M and S have some nice non- wired bras that are not too expensive and there is a fair bit of choice if you are anything upto an E Cup - above that there is less choice but this one is nice - smooth and quite supportive


A bit more expensive is the Royce Maisie bra which Bravissimo sell - or online but I like to try bras on. It’s £32 but you can take the vat off as its post surgery which makes it more affordable. It is a bit more padded but is v comfy. 



Good luck finding one you like.

Hi Frances,

I had my lumpectomy WLE and node removal today. I’ve got the amoena bra, and honestly it’s the comfiest thing I’ve ever ever wore. It comes low enough under my armpit to be comfortable there and it fastens at the front for ease.


I love this one so much today I’m going to buy another! It’s been a godsend and can not reiterate that enough! I’m wearing a L size C/D cup

Hi Francis,


i have spent lots lots of money trying to buy a comfortable bra, however as suggested by a friend I tried BON MARCHE and have found them excellent the cheapest, pretty, and good support. Big hugs


I found the best bra for after surgery was the Royce silver bra. [royce-lingerie.co.uk/maternity/silver-post-surgery-bra-skin#selection=color:SKIN__39;chest_size:32__6;cup_size:B%2FC__18](https://www.royce-lingerie.co.uk/maternity/silver-post-surgery-bra-skin#selection=color:SKIN 39;chest_size:32 6;cup_size:B%2FC__18)

It isn,t flattering, but very comfortable. It has silver for healing. Front fastening. Soft under the bust. You can adjust the straps from the front very easily, they are Velcro. 

I use Nicola Jane and getting well fitting bras from there has made a huge difference for me. They do fittings at their shops but will also give advice over the phone for on line orders. (I don’t have shares, just find them really good!)

Hello Frances,

I found some good temporary bras in Primark, at a reasonable price too. My favourite at the moment is very low at the sides so avoids the SNB completely. The only things that might be negative is that it is an “over the head” one, marked as a “Medium”, so no exact fitting, but it has smooth, shaped cups. 

Good hunting - I know I spent a fortune in M&S and can’t wear any of their bras because of the positions of the seams. x

Hi Frances
When I had my mastectomy and lymph nodes remoral I bought a m & s sports bra it was front fastening with a zip. It was the only one I could get in my size 34A, but it was very comfortable. Next month I have breast reconstruction surgery and this time the breast care nurse suggested getting hooked front fastening. I have bought two bras from House of Fraser which are from the Freya brand. They are so soft and comfortable. I didn’t think it would be so hard to get a post surgery bra in my size but everywhere seems to cater for ladies with bigger assets. If you don’t have a House of Fraser near by you can order on line.

Good luck xx

I like the bras in Sainsburys. They have several boneless styles. I love the padded zip front ones as they give a good shape. The regular boneless bras which are lightly padded are also very comfortable.