discomfort under armpit 3 weeks following mastectomy and sentinel node biopsy

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I’m nearly 4 weeks post surgery (mastectomy and lymph nodes removal) and also feel sore and uncomfortable under my arm. I’m making sure I’m doing my exercises 3x a day which I think is helping and have started to put aloe Vera gel under my armpit too. Wondering when I’m ever going to be able to put on deodorant there again!! I’m also getting seroma build up which isn’t helping the general feeling of discomfort. I have an appointment with my GP on Tuesday so I’m going to get advice from him I think and then on 14 got an appointment with my consultant so I’ll ask her too!
Hope you’re feeling a little less sore xx

Thank you :slight_smile: My GP suggested I used Daktarin under my arm (athletes foot cream!) as its sore and chapped so I’m giving that a go. Definitely getting more movement back I my arm by doing the exercises. Bought the book Pink Ribbon Pilates, so I’ve just started their exercises too :slight_smile: