Discrepancy in amount of sick pay from employer

I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and have surgey booked soon for a lumpectomy and have been told I will need radiotherapy after.  My employers have been good in getting cover for me and are not expecting me to return to work until after all the treatment, possibly 6-8 weeks.  The problem is that my contract of employment says that I am entitled to 2 weeks full pay, 2 weeks half pay and then at the discretion of my employer.  I have learned in the last few days that colleagues of mine (who are at the same level as me and undertake the same work) have much more than that, some double what I have and some even more.  I live on my own and therefore have no partner to support me, and am now worried as to how I am going to cope.  Am I entitled to ask my employer why other employees similar to me have more sick pay entitlement than me?  This is the first time I have had to think about being off long term and have been with this firm for just over 2 years and only had a couple of days off sick so far.  Any help out there would be appreciated.

Hi LesleyL

I am sorry that you havent had a response from anyone as yet. 

I have contacted our Nurses about your post and they have suggest that you contact Macmillan’s Helpline, as they have excellent information regarding rights and benefits.

If you would like to talk to someone regarding your treatment and diagnoses, please do call our Helpline, 0808 800 6000.  One of our caring experts will be there for you.

Best wishes
Digital Community Officer

Hi lesleyl I guess you’re now recovering from surgery? Hope it is going smoothly?

Did you sort out your sick pay? The only reason your colleagues should be on different contracts to you should be if you all started at different times and the company has now changed their terms & conditions (with negotiation with trade unions if applicable) or may be there’s been a change if company ownership and different contacts under TUPE.

Hope it’s sorted and you’re recovering well.