Disgusted with Amex travel insurance

Having seen some of the problems with travel insurance I started making the calls today to cancel a 2 week holiday in Cyprus with my Amex annual travel insurance…at the same time I asked to check I’d be covered on a 2 night cruise out of the UK on a P&O cruise. I was shocked to be told I wasn’t covered for anything related to my BC but I could take out another policy for the 2 nights for £120 (my annual policy was £134 and had been in place since July last year)! I am disappointed that they do not consider the trip just the diagnosis as P&O have all the medical cover on board that I may need if I got an infection but it would come at a cost…the consultant has moved my chemo start date to allow me to go on the cruise but Amex aren’t considering that at all. I won’t be renewing in July with them that’s for sure!
I’m now hunting through the Travel Insurance sticky thread to find a company that will cover me for the 2 nights at a reasonable cost…hmmph

Looks like oktotravelinsurance.co.uk may be getting my business seems they will cover me for £49.72 which is high but as its been booked for over a year and its with my 2 sisters, mum and niece I really want to be there!

Hi Kate, In pretty much the same position. We are in the middle of reclaiming for the holiday we should have gone on mid April - will wait and see how that goes. We had already booked for a two week caribbean cruise with P&O over Christmas 2013 so at the moment we are in travel insurance limbo. I imagine that even by Christmas when chemo and rads are well and truly over (crossed fingers), I’ll still be on hormone treatment so unlikely to get cheap cover for anything BC related. I’ll have a look at the co. you’ve suggested. MacMillan came up with Eurotunnel Insurance for worldwide travel too. Anyway, those two night cruises on P&O are a lot of fun so enjoy every minute
Moira x

Thanks Moira, I have been on a 2 and 3 night cruise with just my mum before so my 2 sisters and niece are the extras and everyone has been so looking forward to it I just can’t imagine not being there…I’ve now spoken to P&O and they are fine as long as I get a ‘fit to travel’ certificate from my consultant…but Amex still say No! Hmmmmppphhhh! Hope you manage to get cover for your cruise and that you don’t need to use it for anything!

Hi all, I had the same trouble with Saga Insurance. I had an annual policy and they pulled the cover two days before we were due to go because I told them I had got DCIS and was going th have surgery when I got back from holiday. They offered to quote for a single trip policy but I told them No! I had a policy with my bank and I told them if my diagnosis and they won’t cover me for anything related to the DCIS (fair enough) but have covered me (for a reasonable charge) for everything else on a world wide cover. I will never again use Saga for anything!

I was given a quote of £342 for my two week holiday in Florida, which I returned from last week, via an insurance company working in tandem with a well known travel agent.
I thought the quote was very expensive so I shopped around via the big wide web and found a good site where I purchased my travel insurance from. The site is www.nolimitstravelinsurance.com
This company will cover you should you have existing medical conditions.

Eurotunnel insurance gets my vote wholeheartedly. Despaired every time I tried to get insurance for my secs and when diagnosed in March with brain mets thought I wouldn’t be going on holiday again as the insurance cost more than the holiday- one firm quoted me £2,298 for a two week cruise and then asked me if I was happy to take out the policy. Bet you can guess my answer!
Heard about Eurotunnel on the forum here and gave them a call and explained the situation. All I needed was a letter from my onc saying that I was fit to travel in case I needed to make a claim and they were happy to cover me. Worldwide travel for my OH and me for a year- £112. Brilliant! When the policy came my OH and I scanned it thoroughly and as long as all pre-existing conditions are stipulated at time of insurance then there is no problem.
Needless to say, I am one happy lady off on my cruise shortly and the icing on the cake? Onc told me this week that I am responding to treatment and all my mets have shrunk.
Hope this info helps.
Liz x

Liz, great news for the insuranse but FANTASTIC news about the disease. Well done girl.
Keep fighting and have a great cruise.