Dish the dirt on your TRAM reconstruction

Hi ladies,

I am three & a half years post diagnosis (IBC - stage 3 grade 3, chemo & herceptin, Mx, rads, tamox), and have finally got the courage to talk to a plastic surgeon about reconstruction.

A talk with him this week, has given the result that TRAM is my only options, and I may need a “good side” reduction too as I’m a 34G/H.

I’m a busy stay at home single Mum to a 3 & 5 year old, and I really need to know the worst that people have experienced with their reconstructions. My exH will take childcare responsibilities whilst I’m in hospital, but once I’m home, I’m pretty much on my own, and although both children are in school 9-3, I’m needing to know whether I can expect to look after them … and me, immediately post-op.

I’m happy to hear how much it hurt, how tough it was, as well as the good stories, as I need to be prepared before I commit to losing two stone & having surgery.

Thanks, Rx

Cant give you any info yet but due to have the operation in a week so i will let you know, very scary xx


I had a Tram Flap op in Dec 2010. I am delighted with the results. It is a big op (10 hours) but I wasnt in any reas agony only very, very weak for about 2-3 weeks after. I feel very well now both breast and tummy scars are looking good.

Please ask anything you are worried about.

Take care

Carolyn x

good luck Lisa, hopefully that’ll be me in a few months

Carolyn, glad to hear it all went well, and you’ve had a good result.
Think I’m more concerned about recovery than the operation, especially as I have two small children to look after & very little help. I mostly want to know how debilitated I’ll be in the first few weeks post-up.


I had bi lateral recon 8 weeks ago tram flap one side and diep flap on the other. I also have a 3 and 5 year old girls.
the pain and discomfort was all from my stomach and I had my mum to stay for 4 weeks as couldnt even lift a kettle and was warned in the hospital not to do a thing as could really hinder healing, i also couldnt get out of bed without assistance. I didnt appreciate how much i wouldnt be able to do initially. I thought I would just need childcare not care for me too! If you can get help i would strongly reccomend it. By 6 weeks i was looking after kids again cooking, and starting to do school runs again. the kids were fab and helped loads, things like loading and unloading washing machines carrying things ect.
On the BIG positive side I am now 8 weeks and had my check today with consultant, and told to excerise, buy normal bras and get on with my life!!
the results are amazing and I am so so pleased i went through with it.
if you want anymore info please message me and i can hopefully answer your questions.
I hope i havent put you off but noted on your thread you need to know for the kids and to be honest thast all i was worried about prioir to my surgery, getting kids and house organised didnt actually think about post surgery!
take care


Hi great honest comments, I have been really worried about getting up out of bed with both arms involved and using tummy muscles, Im more scared about knowing how much i should and shouldnt been doing, i.e. when can you stand up straight, have images of being hunched for months on end lol x


If it helps i thought i would be hunched for months too, but 8 weeks on I have just done my first gym session and went for a swim and survived and was amazed at how much i could do am now going to put my feet up till school pick up though!! The first few weeks are the hardest and your body tells you when you can do things by yourself, I just started doing things naturally and got straighter and straighter by the day!
The nurses told me to get help getting out of bed for first few weeks and again naturally started to do it by myself as was bit of a nightmare in the middle of the night when needed a wee!! my poor hubby!!!
It is all so worth it and again another period of ourlives we can put behind us.
Feel free to ask away if any questions as i had a million before mine and found a thread just like this


My husband took 3 weeks off work after my op. I was so glad he did, as I was able to rest when necessary. I didnt do much lifting or housework in that time but when he returned to work I slowly started to do things. My body told me when I was overdoing it. I have been back swimming for about 6 weeks now and enjoy it. I felt a weird sensation in my tummy at first but that has setttled down now. I still have the odd twinge when i lift or carry something too heavy.

Take care

Carolyn x

I had tram flap in November. Absolutely you will need help when you get home with the kids. I went to stay with my parents and had OH around at weekends. Its a massive op, but very worth it. Your tummy will feel very tight for a good few weeks, i needed help showering and stuff for about a week after i got home. And when they say don’t lift anything heavier than a teacup they mean it. But after about 3 weeks or so i started to feel more independent again.

Thanks all getting really nervous. Im going to move back in with parents as Im widowed but at 38 feel a bit strange having to have my mam help me shower and get out of bed… thanks for all the advice and looking forward to the results xx