Dismissive clinic experience - what to do next?

I was referred for a 2-wk appointment by GP due to thickening/ swelling and significant shape change in right breast. We’ve got back from this and I can’t help but feel dismissed/ upset by the experience. Doctor started off by telling me he could not see any thickening at all and couldn’t see what my GP was concerned about. For peace of mind he booked me in for an ultrasound. The doctor who did this was a little curt but fortunately the nurse assisting was lovely. After scanning a small section of my breast, she told me everything looked normal and I should return to the waiting room to await a discussion with the original doctor. We are called back in to the consultation room. Without even looking up from his sheet, he says ultrasound was normal and “I can’t see any reason for you to need to be here, so you’re free to go” and pointed towards the door (again not even looking at me). The thickening can be seen through my bra so I have no idea how he couldn’t see anything - my GP did and was incredibly supportive. I was provided no guidance/ information on what to do about my symptoms (which I explained are interfering with everyday life) at the clinic. I left feeling very stupid and it seems I’m just expected to get on with it. I will most definitely make a complaint about the doctor as I feel awful for anyone he breaks bad news to. Does anyone have any guidance on what to do next? Is it worth going back to my GP to see if anything can be done to help with my symptoms? I certainly don’t want to go back to my GP only to be referred back to the clinic - and be treated like an imbecile again. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately not a unique experience Im afraid :frowning_face: Please make a complaint as it’s not ok for doctors to make people feel like this .Go back to your GP and ask to be referred for a second opinion as obviously there is something going on that you need an explanation for.

Please let us know how you get on , we are here to help if we can x

Hi Mel, I just wondered if you had any update, as I am finding myself in a similar situation and unsure what to do too xxx