Dixarit or Clonadine - experiences of taking it???

My oncologoist has prescribed Dixarit also known as Clonadine to counter the effects of hot flushes that I am experiencing on Tamoxifen.

I was about to take the first tablet when I decided to look at the accompanying leaflet and was alarmed to see the full list of potential side effects from taking this medication ranging from hallucinations, hair loss, blurred vision and pain below the ear… to list but a few.

I hate the hot flushes and I’m finding them difficult to deal with especially as I work full time and would love to get rid of them - but now I wonder whether it is worth the risk…

I’d be interested in finding out anyone’s experiences in taking this drug.

Wishing everyone a good evening.

Victoria xx

Hello. I took these for a short time and didn’t have any bad side effects. I didn’t stay on them for long as I was given something else to help with the hot flushes which worked better. But I know quite a few women do very well on Clonadine.

Most medications have an alarmingly long list of possible side effects on the leaflet but that doesn’t mean everyone is going to get all of them - or indeed any of them. Why not try them and see how you feel - you can always stop them later on.
Good luck with your decision. Anthi x

Thanks very much Anthi - and yes you are right I could always come off them if the side effects are worse than the hot flushes.
Victoria x


I have been taking these for 3 years - they work to some extent. I take about a dozen a day with no ill effects. I have naturally low BP and this stuff lowers it further but not to the point where I get giddy. I have a friend who couldn’t maanage with even 2 a day as they made her feel spaced out. We’re all different.

If we got all the side effects that are listed on the “possibles” we’d probably leave them all alone.

Hope this helps.

Hi Victoria
I tried Clonidine for my hot flushes and it had no effects at all. Unfortunately that also included no effect on the hot flushes. My GP kept an eye on my BP and pulse but all was fine. If you read the list of SE’s on tamoxifen that also includes hair loss, blurred vision etc but they are only possible side effects.
I’m now on venlafaxine which also has an alarming list of possible side effects but my flushes are much better, although not completely gone. I do have one side effect from them - clenching my teeth but this is a lot more bearable than the flushes.
Nicky x

Thanks Nicky and Regina

I’ve only been taking Clonadine for a few days but no effect so far on the flushes. Had to leave a meeting twice today to cool down. I will ask about the venalfaxine when I have my next check-up.

Thanks again.

Victoria x