Dizziness and sickness three days after surgery

Hi all I had surgery on Wednesday and have felt dizzy and sick ever since. I have been able to get up and move about but then feel grim again. Is this normal? I don’t have temperature and wound healing nicely xx

It took me several days to shake off the dizziness. It wasn’t quite room spinning. More like Mexican wave, ever since I woke up in recovery, where it was more like a tsunami. Gradually it calmed over the next few days. I was sick twice during afternoon and evening of my mx. Although I did feel nausious for 2 or 3 days after I wasn’t actually sick. I think it all the anaesthetic and pain relief meds still in the system.
Just take it slowly and give yourself time to recover x

Hi again Newbie

Yes it can happen . I’m always a bit off kilter after an anaesthetic for about a week afterwards . Drink as much water as you can, rest , eat what you can manage. Dizziness can be one worse if you don’t move about or move your head so take gentle walks if you can when you’re sitting down again turn your head gently and slowly from side to side and do the exercises you’re allowed to do at this stage.

The fact that it goes and comes back again suggests to me that you’re still a bit tired. All the stress of waiting for results then waiting for surgery then the surgery and the anaesthetic - it knocks the stuffing out of you. Hopefully it should settle in a few days . Food and drink with ginger help me when I’m feeling sick - biscuits , lemon and ginger tea and ginger kombucha . Cola or mints / mint tea might help as well .
Try to be patient with yourself - I know I wasn’t !

Hope you feel better soon
Joanne x

Hello Newbie1. I also had surgery Wednesday and feel more me today (Saturday). Ive been drinking plenty of water & cups of tea which I think has helped me. Eating smaller meals & the odd ginger biscuit seemed to help too together with resting. Hope you recover very soon


I felt dizzy and sick when I came round from the operation and think it was to do with the anesthetic. I drank plenty of fluids and had ginger biscuits and was feeling more myself after a couple of days.

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Thanks so much for your lovely reply. It has taken me a while to get back on my feet x

Thanks so much for replying x

Hope you are doing better now

Joanne x