Dizziness and tamoxifen??

Hi all
I started to take tamoxifen sept 2010. Luckily I’ve not had to many side effects…the worse being hot flushes and sleepless nights.
Just recently I have started to feel off balance and light headed but it happens more in the afternoon than in the morning.
I went to doctors and he thinks its down to the stress of bc and linked to chemo, tamoxifen etc.
He did take blood tests to rule out anything else. Not had results yet.
If it is connected to tamoxifen not sure I can continue another 4.5 years like this.
I was wondering has any one else felt like this on tamoxifen as it isn’t listed as a side effect.
Chris xx

Hiya, I started tamoxifen in October 2009. About five/six months later I started to have dizzy spells. As it happened I had a check up scheduled at my brest unit around that time to I mentioned it to my surgeon. He sent me off for a head ct scan but everything was ok. No mention was made of what might cause the dizziness and at first I didn’t think that it could be the tamoxifen as I had been taking it for six months without feeling dizzy. However I have now come to the conclusion that it is the tamox as the dizziness comes and goes at different times. I try to drink a lot of water as sometimes I wonder if I feel worse when i’m a bit dehydrated.

I thought dizziness was listed as a s/e of tamox??

Jo xx

Yes I also have dizziness and think that is probably tamoxifen. I’ve been on it since the beginning of 2009-had quite a few dizzy spells and nausea during the first 6 months, which settled down and went completely for a while. Now I often have dizziness first thing in the mornings, but it wears off once I’m up and out. I also had bloods tested when I started having symptoms-showed up thyroid probs and now on med for that, but the general opinion seems to be the lightheadedness is likely to be due to tamox.
I hope yours does settle down.
C x

Thanks for your reply’s. I won’t stop taking the tamox and hopefully the symptoms will settle down soon.
It’s good to have this site to get info and others experiences as people I speak to just don’t understand, they think that I should just be getting on with life and not stressing over every little thing
Thanks again
Chris xx