DLA awarded.... now what!

Hi guys

I’ve been awarded the higher level for mobility and care… now what?

I know I can get a car with the Motability scheme, but what else can I now apply for? I’ve got the form for the Disabled Person’s Railcard and tomorrow am going into the bus station to the travel shop to discuss the concessionary bus pass application… I do a lot of travelling!

There’s also the Blue Badge form to complete…

Do we get a reduction of our council tax or is that only if you have had to make alterations to your home?

I’ve never been a scrounger and have never asked for help - I feel that now I should be taking whatever I am entitled to, to help my husband and I during this difficult time.

Thanks in advance

J x

Hi J

Not sure on reduction of council tax, be interested to see what replies you get. You can get your car tax paid too. We just had ours paid for the whole year, and the form last for 3 years.

Blue Bade yeah go for that too.

That is all I know and have so far.

I know what you mean, I am not a scrounger and never had financial help, but agree that we have to suffer all this, get everything we are entitled to.



You don’t have to take a car from the Mobility scheme. You can have your DLA as cash instead and spend it as you wish. I just continued using the car I had.

If the do look at the Mobility scheme check out the interest rate that is being used and compare it against other forms of credit available to you.


You also get a refund in respect of the unexpired portion of your old disk.


Not aware of any reductions.


This is means tested taking into account household income with savings converted to an income stream equivalent. You need an occupational therapist to support your application.


You might already be aware but because you have the higher rate of mobility DLA that you don’t need to go via your GP for your blue badge - you can apply direct to your local council.

I’ve just got my bus pass and I understand (certainly in my area) that they are opening up where I can travel to come next April to the whole of the country (as long as it’s on a ‘bus’ not a ‘coach’!!!)

I also have money rather than the mobility scheme as we already have a car so it wasn’t an issue and just went to our local DVLA office, took my certificate along and they issued my tax disc.

Not aware of anything else that we can apply for - the DVLA website are quite good in what detailing what you can apply for plus whether you’re also on any other benefits.


Hi All

I am not sure if it is just in my area, but I got my loft insulated and cavity wall insulation done free of charge!!.
I have really noticed a difference too

I have a car through it…and it is brilliant.
Because my mastectomy was on my left side I found it hard to drive since as we have a big heavy car, so I chose a Citreon GrandPicasso which is big for when the kids come along and it has a gear box that can be used manual or automatic, and has arm rest too so I don’t have to use my left arm at all…its fab!!

Hope this helps.


Hi poannie,

this is the relevant website re council tax


I think with the car mobility scheme if you decide to use your DLA for a car that you will get tax paid, insurance paid, AA or whatever, and maintenance, all included as part of the deal. There are a few good websites that explain all this in detail -



If you get DLA then someone else can get Carer’s Allowance for looking after you. If, for example, your husband has to take unpaid leave to look after you he can claim CA. To get it you have to look after a disabled person for 35 hours a week and not earn more than about £90.

I’m still well enough to get out and about so I always ask about discounts for the disabled. Next Saturday I’m going to an art exhibition, I get in free and so do two of my friends! In a couple of weeks I’m going to the BBC Good Food Show with a free ticket :slight_smile:

Depending on where you live you might be able to get a Taxi Card (subsidised taxi journeys) and Dial A Ride. Your local council should be able to advise you on that. If you live in or near London you don’t have to pay the Congestion Charge, but I’m not sure how you apply for that. You can also get a Radar key to give you access to disabled toilets.

Of course I’d prefer to have good health and no money, but now I’ve got DLA I’m determined to get the most out of it. We all deserve a few treats.

Although I’m not of retirement age yet (nor is my husband) but I do know that you can’t have carer’s allowance and retirement pension - don’t know why!! The ‘Attendance Allowance’ though is for people over 65 and you have to have had mobility problems for 6 months or more.


Hi ladies,

Please don’t think me insensitive but those of you who are able to access blue badges and support through the mobility schemes is this because you have access problems due to your cancer?

I am not suggesting any of you are scrounges, its just that my sister in law who is disabled keeps saying I would probably qualify for mobility allowance of some sort due to the diagnosis of cancer. I don’t think I can because I am able to get around as well as I did before, its only when I am undergoing treatment that I feel too ill to travel far and so I don’t.

Please do not feel you have to reply giving your individual cases, I just need to know if there are any benefits I should be accessing, I don’t think there are as I am not yet financially affected by my condition.

Thank you


DLA is a tax free allowance - it does not have to be declared, and it is not means tested. But it is not awarded over the age of 65. If you claim it before that it does not get cut off at 65.

Carol - if you google Disability Living Allowance there is masses of information as to who is eligible and how to apply. It is usually a good idea if you think you are eligible to ask either your BCN, macmillan nurse or the Social Welfare Officer at your hospital to help you fill it in.


Thanks Dawn,
I never thought of that before. At least my sister in law will stop nagging me if I look at the site.


Just because you have a diagnosis of cancer does not mean you are entitled to any benefits. it’s an unfair system.
Most of us here I think are getting DLA awarded under the Special Rules eg not expected to live for 6 months as have incurable diagnosis. In reality, a lot of us have outlived these 6 months and still get the benefit. You get the higher rate of mobility and personal care under special rules.
Generally, to qualify for the blue badge you apply to the council with a supporting letter from your GP/cons saying that you can walk 500 metres or less and with difficulty - some GPs are more ‘flexible’ if they know mobility is a problem.
I kept the mobility allowance going for a year but now swapped to having a motobility car. I paid £125 for a brand new Zafira as I have a family but lose all that portion of the DLA allowance so still get the personal care bit. Some of the smaller cars you don’t need to put any money down and sometimes you can keep a portion of the mobility allowance. Depends on what car you have and your ospecific needs.
This is the sort of info, we should be able to access without having to go to millions of diffferent websites and having to do the hunting down.
Good luck and how’s the leg?


You were nearly right. Special rules gets you the Personal Care component at the highest rate automatically, but you still need to justify the Mobility portion. I know from my own experience as initially, I was awarded absolutely nothing for the Mobility portion despite extensive bone mets. I appealed and moved to the highest rate, backdated.

If my experience is anything to go by, I would not expect someone going through primary cancer treatment to get anything under the Mobility portion.



I got the blue badge, just because I get higher rate DLA - just filled in the form and sent copy of DLA letters which stated amount being paid etc, and got it without any fuss. Feel a bit of a fraud using it and get some funny looks, specially when get out with two children under 4!!! Didn’t have to speak to my GP or Onc with regards to the forms.


Interestingly I applied for the Blue Badge direct to my local authority soon after being dx with extensive bone mets without going thru my GP. I was not asked for any further information. You are right Holeybones in saying most of us applying for DLA are doing so under Special Rules. Hopefully for most with a primary diagnoses, once they are through the rigors of chemo, rads etc. will be able to manage o.k. Unfortunately for those of us with secondaries we don’t get too many reprieves. I have also read with regard to the mobility part of the DLA that is is not really a question of what disease you have that causes you mobility problems - it is about how much difficult you have in being able to walk!


It is well worth going to your Citizens Advice Bureau for benefit check if you are in receipt of DLA no matter what your age. Some people should apply for things like income support, now they won’t necessarily get an actual payment of income support but they may get help with mortgage payments, this is just one example. It all depends on income, age and level of DLA, dependants etc. There are benefits that you may be unaware of so it is worth a visit, and the advice is free. Also Macmillan nurses are full of info on benefits.


I got a cinema pass which allows a ‘carer’ to come with me at no cost. Effectively I can go with my mate and we get in half price each ! Got details from moneysavingexpert.com

Going back to free insulation, yes you can qualify for this - hubby found details on an enviromental website. Also last year we got a new boiler fitted free of charge - British Gas quoted £3,700 because I’m on DLA - we own our own 4 bed house. However we only got it since it was irrepairable and we had to wait for the grant to come through - took us 12 weeks from application to installation. The company who installed it was Warmfront but don’t know how hubby found it on the web - something to do with government initiative to save energy - got those energy saving lightbulbs as well as offer for free cavity wall insulation.

I say that we all claim what we can - I view it as getting a tax refund on all the tax my husband pays and indeed what I have paid in the past when I had a good career.

I only found out through a neighbour who has DLA for severe arthritis that I can get free passage on the local ferry from Cornwall to Plymouth - normally costs £1.50 a time. I just had to send a copy of my DLA statement and pay £2 for unlimited crossings. I had to supply a photograph and got a credit card type badge back. It is amazing what concessions are out there when you have a terminal disease…

Well im in the process of applying for DLA due to the problems with my spine…plus i think my op will knock me into the higher rate for both…during my primary treatment i got higher rate care when i had my mastecomy and was going through chemo…my oncologist said he is happy to fill out whatever i need from him this time too.

I will be applying for a blue badge and everything else i can get! Sod it why shouldnt we clain everything we can i dont feel like a scrouger and i think we should bury our pride and get what we can.

I go to the reading and download festivals every year and get 1 ticket free for someone to support me i also get access to the disabled campsite which is normally in the guest area so thats cool, you just apply on line but have to get your application for reading in really quickly, V festival is the same, glastonbury is a waste of time! Maybe they’ll be better this year.

Brixton academy, wembley arena and stadium have a specialist number for tickets and you can get 2 for one and alot of other places have that so check because everyone is hot on accessibility.

Im getting an accessible shower fitted as part of works by the council which has come at a very good time due to op and my kitchen has been adapted slightly to assist me as im short anyway but they dont want me standing on chairs and stuff getting to things.

Im a bit gutted because i did all my DLA training years ago when i was a support worker but am finding it hard to fill the forms in for myself but ill have a good go ive filled enough out in the past for others just find it hard to think of myself as in need but i am and im not struggling anymore.

Dawns right about not being aboe to get DLA over 70 but if you havent applied apply for Attendance Allowance instead


Just want to reinforce a lot of the comments above. Also the benefits enquiry line suggested that I apply under the Special Rules (that was 3 years ago!) but I got the higher rate of mobility and care because of the state of my spine and liver.

I also didn’t go through my GP for my blue badge as I had my certificate so applied direct to my local council.

Some of the bridges (like the Severn Bridge) also have free crossings for disabled people.