Do cancer related drugs work?

Like many of you out there, I was put on Capcitabine when first diagnosed.  I managed about 14 sessions on this drug before they decided to take me off and give me Tamoxifen.  It was the first time I had been given a cancer related drug and certainly had my doubts.  However, I survived two years on Tamoxifen before it stopped working and two new tumours had grown in my liver!!


So they took me off Tamoxifen and decided to give me invasive chemo, which scared the hell out of me as I thought, OMG this is serious but it was going to happen at some point and went through all the discussions to understand what was going to happen re the picc line and all.  What they wanted to put me on was Taxol.  I only managed about 4 sessions on this but it was destroying me more than it was helping me and my blood and immune system was having a hard time recovering.  So come about May I came off Taxol, had the picc line removed and went on Anastrazole another cancer related drug.


I have been on this now since May and it seems it is working, along with the Taxol as the tumours in my liver, lungs and breast are static and my bone cancer is static too.  The nearest I will ever get to remission.


I see a number of you are on Tamoxifen and wondered if anyone else out there has been on another cancer related drug like me and how you are finding it?  My hot flushes are unbelieveable and I am now suffering other side effects similar to Tamoxifen but the tumours dont seem to like the Tamoxifen so it must be doing something right.


I wish all of you out there all the love and strength to fight each day and knock your cancer out the window.



Hi Cookie,


Chemos are harsh aren’t they.


Can I just ask, when you say ‘cancer related drug’ do you mean hormone therapy?


If, so, I see you are now on anastrozole (Arimidex).  I must admit, when I was given anastrozole it was the drug from hell for me (severe pain in every joint and hot flushes) but everyone’s different.  You might be able to get something for the side effects from your onc or GP.  I believe some ladies are prescribed a low dose antidepressant to help with hot flushes.


As you’re finding, the hormone therapy drugs can be very effective. I hope they continue to knock the little uggers into touch for you.  I am now on Tamoxifen and don’t seem to have many side effects really (touch wood) so I’m hoping it will work as well for me as it did for you.


Tink x