Do I add my name to my Race for Life vest??!!

I’m getting ready for the Race for Life in a few weeks & am putting my friend’s name on my vest who died from BC last year & my Dad who is living with cancer but can I put my own name on too or is that a bit, you know…

It’s just that I want to celebrate getting through my teatment (dx 1 year ago, had chemo & mastectomy, recon to follow later this year) & being able to do it etc.

Its my first Race of Life - just wondered if any race veterans could tell me are you supposed to put yourself on your vest if you have been diagnosed or is that not the done thing? What is the etiquette?

Hi Mammabee,
I’m not sure about the race for life but I organise our local Relay for Life, and damn sure I will be wearing a survivor tee shirt in August rather than my committee polo shirt for the opening ceremony. I can’t see why not, you’ve been through loads so of course you should be allowed to celebrate it in style.


Get your name on that t-shirt, you deserve it.

love Lilac


I’m running (OK maybe walking as still unfit after finishing treatment three weeks ago) with my daughter in Cambridge on 6th July and I’m thinking that my vest will say - Its all about ME!. However my mum-in-law is also a survivour of another type of cancer, so maybe I’ll have to adapt it a bit. But yes why not put your own name down.

It’s also my first time doing the R o L

I did Race for Life earlier this year and put that I was running for “Me cos I’ve beaten it and You in the hope that you wont have to”

Really really hard to see my name on my daughters, sisters, nieces and friends vests though, got really emotional about it so be warned!!


Yes, yes, yes mammabee…your have been through so much your name deserves to be there

You go girl!! I have done ten Race for Life’s, starting after my first diagnosis in 1996. I always run for someone dear that I have lost, but also put my name and how many years I’ve been ok, because I know how it really raised my spirits on my very first one, to see so many people battling and coming out the other side.

Unfortunately I developed a new primary (never do anything by halves!) and haven’t had the bottle to join in again this year, but I will - most definitely. Have a brilliant day, the atmosphere is beyond words and fingers crossed the weather is kind to you.

Anne x

I ran last year, during chemo, and put my name on, together with my mum and dad (who both died of cancer). I put:

2 chemos to go

and was running in a baseball cap with obviously no hair underneath. I found everyone was very supportive and encouraged me when I had to stop & walk, and at the end someone who had been following me came up and shook my hand, saying I was an inspiration!

This year I will put someone else’s name on (a friend who has mesothelioma - the asbestos cancer for which there is no cure & life expectancy after dx is not good, so there are much worse things to have than breast cancer), but I think I will still put me on. As Anne said, it’s important for others to see that there is life after cancer.

My two daughters are doing it too this year, and I think they wiil both have ‘mum’ on their backs.

Thanks to all of you for your positive comments.
I will definately be putting my name on now - like you say it’s important to see the survival stories. I never looked at it like that before.

Roadrunner, you are a star! Running the race during your chemo - I could only just about run a bath during mine!!!

I so wanted to run the whole way but damaged my knee while trying to prepare for the race (I am NO runner believe me, I need preparation) so am very nervous to run on it now in case I end up not being able to walk like last time.

Just wanted to say good luck to all you ladies also doing the RoL - I liked AJs comment …“You in the hope that you don’t have to” - Pure Genius, gawd bless ya.

I shall add my name with pride now thanks

You go girl, best of luck in it.

Anyone know any teams who will be willing to come do the 24hours Relay for Life in my home town, all you need is a tent :wink: