Do I get a second opinion ?

Hi, I am 31 years old and found quite a large lump on my left breast. It appeared about 2 months ago, so I went to the doctors who refered me straight away to the breast clinic. They did an ultrasound on the area and it was all clear and nothing to worry about! I since then realised that with my bra off it sits alot lower on my breast than where I originally found it and where they scanned. Over the next few weeks I had swelling in my left armpit (only twice), and now get very occasional stabbing pains in it or aching heavy pains where the lump is, so I went back…the doc said she could definetly still feel the lump and though she could feel it go off in another direction, so refered me again. When I went back today they said they were happy with the previous scan and that it was thickening tissue (size2) if it was a size 3 they may worry and do more investigation, but it is fine, and this is normal for my breast! This is NOT normal for my breast and I was hoping to feel releived today but instead I still don’t feel satisfied that its ok. Can anyone tell me if this is normal or if I should seek advice from another doctor? or who should I talk to to get advice?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hi Kat,
I feel you need to speak to the trained staff at BCC who I’m sure will give you the answers you need