Do i have cancer? I am worried about my appointment

Hi all, i am new to this, only 22 and I would just love some assurance and advice. I recently found a lump inside my boob, you cant see it but i can feel it. It doesnt hurt, is hard, about marble size and is in the lower part of my breast. I went to my doctor and see said she didnt think it was anything to worry about (which is good news) as the lump is mobile, isnt sticking to my skin and there isnt anyting under my arm. The problem is I am a complete worry wort and despite being told this, I am still soooo nervous. I cant eat or sleep properly over it all. The doctor made me a referral to put my mind at ease by getting it formally checked but the wait is killing me and i cant help thinking what if they find something more serious. My doctor said that if she thought it was cancer i would get seen within 2 weeks, so I have to wait 6 weeks to get seen to and I dont know how i will cope. I just want to find out the answer right now. please help.x

Hi there, it is so unfair that you have to wait 6 weeks but I’m suprised and glad you have been referred. I know age shouldn’t matter but I’m afraid they follow guidelines, the odds are well in you favour probably less than 100 a year under 25 are diagnosed! I truly wish you didn’t have to wait so long its painful but always have optimism sooo many ppl I know have had cysts and abcesses and other things the breasts are complicated things. Try keep yourself busy hope time passes very quicly for you! xx

HI Lulu - if it’s any help at all, usually if the lump is mobile and can be moved then it’s not likely to be cancer.
And in most cases out there it’s highly unusual for someone your age to have breast cancer. Of course its not unheard of either but unlikely.

You must feel very stressed, anyone who finds a lump is scared about it, it’s natural.


Hi Lulu I think I replied on the other thread you posted on, seems a shame … your GP could have done an urgent referal even if she feels its nothing knowing how worried you are. Might be an idea to go back & see her let her know how the wait is affecting you.

Can understand how worried you are & will be until it is confirmed also as El Katrano has said with your age & the lump being mobile … its not unheard of in both cases but very unlikely

wishing you all the best


Thanks guys, I will let you known the outcome. I have my fingers and toes and absolutely everything crossed that I will be ok. I just found out that my mums cousin died of breast cancer in her 30s so that has worried me too. But no one else in our family has any tpye of cancers so hopefully its not hereditry. I agree, odds look like they are against me, and my doctor seemed optimistic I shouldnt worry but when its something like this, you just cant help it.x

it is quite rare for a doctor not to make an urgent referal, they are so careful nowadays, so they must have been pretty confidant that your lump is benign, thats the good news. Of course the bad news is how long you have to wait to have that confirmed.

I would say you are completely right about it not being in your family. If you think that one person in eight gets cancer it would be unusual if you could not find someone somewhere in your family that had cancer, but its not considered to be a possible genetic link until (i think) there are three close members who have had it.

so its moveable, not genetic and the doctors not worried. that looks as if its three strikes and you are out, and wont be joining the club.

however its not going to stop you worrying, its such a long time to wait. You might be lucky, they might have a cancellation and call for you earlier, but i dont know how often that happens with non urgent referals. So in the meantime if you cannot take your mind off it come back on here and get a few cyber hugs

Couldn’t have put it better oldandlumpy the doc seems to think its non urgent I hope you find comfort in that even though waiting is so stressful. If you really can’t cope I would go back in 2 weeks and tell them remember you’re never hassling your doctor they’re there to help x

hi Lulu

i was first diagnosed in 2006 at age 37 and at that stage there was no urgent referrals that i know of… i was told it wasnt urgent and would take about 6-8 weeks for my appt and i was quite anxious and trying to finish my degree incase it was something bad and i wouldnt get a chance to go back.

my mammo was 6 1/2 weeks later and i had to go back the following week for the actual clinic appointment… so the time scale was pretty accurate and at first i was worried about it but after a few weeks i didnt worry so much by that time just about everybody had been made to feel my lump and tell me what they thought it was…

i didnt however tell my family as i was worried id upset them over nothing… kinda wish i had told them though as they were shocked when it came out of the blue that i had breast cancer.

OAL it depends on the age and types of cancers that would make it be considered to be genetic… but moderate risk can be a first degree relative under age 40 with BC or bilateral or two breast cancer under age 60, or male breast cancer or as you say 3 or more breast or ovarian cancers and high risk can be a first degree relative with both breast and ovarian cancer or 4 breast cancer under age 60 or ovarian cancers at any age in 3 generations.

however a first cousin would be a 3rd degree relative and wouldnt normally be considered close enough to increase risk especially if it was through mothers side and they didnt have any cancers.

Lulu at your age it is much less likely to be cancer as it is really not very common at your age but you are doing the right thing getting it checked out and i hope you get good news from your appointment.

Lulu x

I got my appointment changed, it is next week. I am praying I get good news. Everything seems optimistic for me so I hope it stays that way. Thanks everyone. Its great to chat about it online and get some worries off my chest. Hopefully I will get the results on the day and not have to wait any longer.

Hi all

Just letting you know that everything went ok at my appointment. The doctor says its just an area of active tisse and isnt anything to worry about. It is benign.
Although, I forgot to ask my doctor if this will increase my risk in the future…does anyone know?

Thanks for everyones support.

hi lulu… fantastic news eh… really happy for you … now you can leave the waiting room go on and live your life, im not sure if it increases your chances. but as all women should do… practice breast awareness… if you notice any changes go back… if not … fanastic. happy day xxxx


Lulu, you won’t find anyone more delighted than us on here that you’ve had good news!

For your other question, give the helpline a ring, or if you’ve been given the number for a breast care nurse, call that number.


Hi LuLU.

absolutely delighted–so pleased for you.

What lovely news, Lulu!

fantastic news Lulu :slight_smile: xx