do i have radiotherapy

hi i am new to this site so any feed back will be very helpfull.
i am 30 and was diagnosed in april had mastectomy in which they got rid of the cancer and nothing in lymph nodes, i am herc pos and am on chemo number five out of six and all along my onc has said i am border line foe radiotherapy, as nothing was in the lymph nodes, at last meeting he said he would prefere me to have it just incase!
so do i or don’t i?
please help i’m not sure if the side effects out weigh the treatment.
any thoughts would be helpfull!!! xxx

Hi Tinkie,
I would ask for more info!
I had radiotherapy and had nothing in the lymph nodes, but i had a lumpectomy not a mastectomy! Radiotherapy was o.k. just a pain as you have to go every day!
good luck with your decision
Love Julie XXX

Hi Tinkie

If you would like more information on radiotherapy treatment you may find it useful to have a look at the BCC fact sheet. It can be found by going to the following link:-

I hope you find this helpful.

Kind regards

BCC Facilitator

They were undecided whether to give me radiotherapy or not, but were giving it me to be on the safe side. When I refused they did not try too hard to persuade me otherwise.

Had mastectomy with tram recon, 8 FECand Herceptin

Good luck

Marilyn x

Just want to say, I had it in one lymph node and having rads which started last week - if I were up for it I would go for it, I was told its like an insurance policy and apart from the pain of travelling, so far painless and only in for 15mins including getting changed

thanks guys, still undecided!

am going to look up for more info why do they give you a choice< i am really bad at making decisions, and am leaning towards not having it but i know i will crumble as soon as they try to persuade me!!!
thanks for the advice
hope all is well