Do I need the Flu jab?


I’m 29 and was dx in September 2007. I had 6xchemo, 20xrads and have just completed my first year of Tamoxifen.

My question is do I need the flu jab? I am feeling better than I have felt in months - both physically and mentally. Last week I received a card from my GP asking me to make an appointment for the jab. I don’t mind having it if it is necessary (what’s one more pin-hole?!) but have heard that it can make you feel pretty rough. Does anyone else have any experience of this and would you recommend having it? Thank you!

Hello Tigerjo

I was diagnosed in December 06. I finished chemo in May 07, and finished Herceptin in May this year. I’ve been on Aromasin for just over a year. I was told last Autumn that I would need a flu jab as my immune system would still be compromised. I didn’t have any side effects from the jab. I intend to ask for it this year as well. If you’ve been offered it I’d have it if I were you.

best wishes

i had the flu jab last year… and was fine… it doesn’t hurt at all… i am going to ask for it this year

I was diagnosed in jan’ 04 and have had a flu jab annually since…I have had no side effects from it…it doesn’t hurt though your arm can ache a bit for a few days after.


Thanks girls. I’ll make my appointment and brave another needle! Lots of love x

Hi Tigerjo. I work for a Doctor and the answer to your question, if you were one of our patients, would be YES.

I had mine on Tuesday, and start chemo next week. Our practice nurse, doctor and even my oncologist recommended I have it…so it was pretty unanimous.

All patients on cancer meds should receive a FREE jab from their GP

hi there,
I finished my treatment last sept. and had to fight my doctors to give me the flu jab and I am now taking tamoxifen and did’nt know I was entitled to one this year and my gp HAS NOT CONTACTED ME so I am going to speak to my breast nurse 2morrow to see where I stand


Just started FEC and had flu jab day after 1st FEC. Its not a live virus this year so you should be no side effects anyhow (dont think i had any but had just had chemo so who knows?)


I was dx last Oct,finished chemo in March,now had 10/18 Herceptin,should I be asking for it?

Yes I think you should Mary.

My practice nurse told me when I went for my jabs (yes, I got the pneumonia one too!) that she wanted me to have the flu jab every year now!

If we get flu after chemo, we won’t just be laid low for a few weeks - we could be laid low for months. I’m not being laid low again in a hurry!

I am just about to finish chemo and went to see my doctor the other day on this point. Also asked onc. They have both advised to wait until after christmas for me. Apparently it will be still be effective then. Also to have pneumonia jab which of course is effective for life.

I say do everything you can to help yourself. Take everything that is going and ask if it is not immediately offered as seems to be case sometimes.