do I need to have a target on my breast ??????

was told today that I could not have my opperation on the 27th as planned, and that it should be on may 2nd, when I asked why, the nurse said, its because other ladies need operations and that they have got to meet there targets, (MEET THERE TARGETS)angry is an understatement, has anyone else been told this?, and do you know where I can can get a target to put on my breast,

It’s the pits when this happens. The NHS has targets, imposed by the government, which means that eg. surgery has to take place within a certain time-frame. If the patient is not operated on by the target date, they ‘breach’ and the hospital will be fined accordingly. I’m afraid that’s how it works, but will come as no comfort to you. And I’d be damned angry too. Apart from going private, there’s not much you can do, except maybe to vent your spleen to your breast care nurse. Oh, and you could write to your MP about it.
I know May 2nd sounds a long way off, but it will come soon, especially if you keep really busy. Sounds a bit flippant, but it does work -----I’ve been there.
Good luck with your operation.
Virtual hugs, Leigh

The target was 31 days when I had my op. - and guess when I had it? Day 31 of course, and it might have been even later if I hadn’t complained to my GP!

Had a call from Claire my nurse, and I am to have my opp on the 27th, as the target is 62 days, and yes thats the 62nd day,

Result!! Bullseye to score over the political bulls-hit.
I’m sure there are great “target” images you could download from the RAF website, and it’s not your own chest I would be putting them on…

So they have to bump someone else instead now. What if you all have cancer? How dare so many people be diagnosed 62 days before the big man’s holiday?? D’you reckon they have a quota of new diagnoses each day in the path lab? after that, sorry we’re not sure, can we have another test? oh dear i’ve got so cynical recently…

Hope all goes well for you on 27th.

Hi Hymil,
RAF sight was good, think I will send a target to the PM, your comment gave me a smile thanks for that, having a Mastectomy and axillery node disection, my son says that I will be all lope sided, bless him,keep smiling