Do I need to wear a bra after implants to keep them in place?

Hi, I had a double mx and immediate reconstruction with implants three weeks ago. The implants are the Becker type and I have had them inflated twice now. I am healing well but my left implant is slightly too far over to the left. I have been advised to wear a supportive bra to try to pull it over to the right a bit more, and my nurse even suggested I wear something supportive to sleep in. I am finding it quite uncomfortable wearing a bra all the time and wondered if other people had been given similar advice and whether it had worked. I can’t imagine wearing a bra 24/7 will make any difference as my implants seem quite fixed into position. I also wondered how soon other people used bio oil (or other products) on their scars? And is bio oil the best thing to use? I am due to have radiotherapy in a few weeks too and wondered if anyone had advice about the best moisturiser to use during that treatment? Thanks so much, Sarah.

Hi Sarah
I had implant recon three months ago and am still wearing the Genie bras which you select by your dress size. However these are expensive (£40 for 3 in BHS) but Primark do a very similar one for a mere £3! The fabric isnt as good but good enough. I slept in one for about two months until everything healed and they are comfortable for that. No digging in under the boobs. Primark also do vest tops with hidden support for £3 which are fab.
I was advised to massage my breast with baby oil to reduce the hardness and swelling. I havent had radiotherapy so will leave that for someone else to respond. As for bio-oil, you can use that when the scars are fully healed.
Good luck with your radiotherapy.

Hi Sarah,

I had bilateral mastecomies with implants and strattice and was advised to wear a bra 24/7. Initially, I wore a post-surgery bra ( v expensive). This was very soft. The plan was too progress to a sports-type bra.
I have read lots of ladies reccommending the genie bra - and may pop into Primark myself.
Just something to think about- it maybe that you would be quite uncomfortable without bras Sarah. It is very early days and it takes quite a while to adjust to the completely different ‘feel’ and sensations, also all the nerves will be very sensitive.
Re. Bio oil- initially I used shea butter and then progressed to bio oil. I cant remember why now.
Good luck, Rattles

Hi Sarah hope you don’t mind but have sent you pm


Thanks so much eveyone. I am going to investigate the Genie bra. Am finding this site so helpful!

Bras - ASDA do very good post-surgery bras with pockets, and you can cut them out if needed. Also they do nice sports bras which I wore later on after surgery, and again now after a nip and tuck. Comfy and very reasonable prices.
Moisturiser - I was advised to use aqueous cream all through rads, about £5 for a huge tub, and now I use it all over, it’s great altho needs a bit of rubbing in. I also use bio-oil over the scars and I’m sure it helps with smoothing out scars and with general healing. It’s also very good on face and neck - my mum always said you can tell a woman’s age by her neck, so keep slapping on the oil/moisturiser!!!
Hope this helps

Thanks so much x