do i need to worry

hi ladies i have been given a diagnosis of chronic inflamation and have to go for another ultrasound on tuesday to see what if anything has changed that was 10 weeks ago since monday my breast has been very sore and hard i have a lump which i have since core biopsies were done but now is much bigger and is red around it i am getting stabbing pains not all the time but regularly i have the orange peel skin but only where the skin is red is this an absess do you think .The doctors told me antibiotics wouldnt work do you think i should visit my gp or just wait till tues

i would see your GP today and if he is concerned, he should ring the breast clinic and tell them of the recent changes.

thanks cathy i have to phone tomorow to see if there are any appointment nothing available for today thanks bablicious

sorry me again cathy do you think this could be somthing more serious i am starting to panic now i know the symptoms for IBS but surly the core biopsys would have picked that up if it was that i had 2 of them as the doc was not convinced after first one came back ok i forgot to mention in first post my nipple is also inverted thats why i went to docs in first place sorry to go on i am probably worried over nothing bablicious

I would ring your GP again and say that this is an emergency because if you have an infection, which is highly likely, you can’t just leave it. They will be able to fit you in if you tell them its urgent - tell them you will go to A&E if they don’t see you - that should sway them!

thanks cathy i will try that bablicious

Hi bablicious,

Please talk to the doctor they may tell you what it is. sending you all the best of luck for tuesday hope its all well. hows the lovely boy of yours is he on holiday now mine is. let us know how you get on take care.

Tracy x x