Do i REALLY need chemo and a mastectomy?


I am new. 

Diagnosed with triple negative Grade 3 ductal cancer 3 weeks ago.  Not worried about dying at all!  Caught i time.  Only small 15 x 14 mm but i have that bad gene.

I was absolutely fine as sister had the same 13 years ago and is now fine but i REALLY REALLY REALLY do NOT want chemo.

I also have implants.  23 years old now.  Never had issues and my consultant described them as magnificent lol.  I don’t want new ones because they never change size and mine, as they are so old have a very thick layer of fat on them now so no one knows…

I was led to believe i could have a lumpectomy.  Knew i would have to have ovaries out but not worried.  I am 48.

Came back from holiday today and it would seem i am going to need chemo, mastectomy then  radio therapy.  

I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo **ssed off!!!

Saw my sister go through it and really don’t want it.  I am probably over tired as well and its not a nice thing to come home to when i just got my head round chemo now this…

So, who on here said no to the chemo?  I am going to have a list of questions for my oncologist on Wednesday and i want statistics…  This gene was a mutant gene in 2006 but has now been put in the Braca1 pot.

Please, is there anyone out there that has this cancer and the gene that didn’t have chemo and a mastectomy?

Really appreciate any advice and obviously if they said chemo or die i would have it but to me its like hitting a walnut with a sledge hammer.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Lola,

I’ve replied on your other post & have just come across this one. 

Not a lot of use on this, as my bc diagnosis & treatment plan was different to yours, so can’t really comment from my experience. 

Getting diagnosed is a shock & it does take time too get your head around it & good to see you’ve got a list of questions for the oncologist. You will have the space & time to decide what you want to do. 

If you do need to talk things through, then the nurses on the helpline here - see above, will be able to help

ann x