Do music festivals and chemo/rads mix?

I wondered whether anyone had comments/experience of going to music festivals whilst undergoing chemo then rads.

Ive got tickets for wychwood but I think its going to clash with my 5 filgrastim injections for fec 5. If I get another deferral for low wbc it could be the weekend immediately before fec5 on the Monday. Should I give it a miss do you think?

I’ve also planned to go to WOMAD at the end of July which should be 'bout 3 weeks after last fec and I’m loath to miss this. I’m hoping rads will start after. I know I’ll be tired but i figure I could hire a wheelchair and take bucket loads of the no water hygiene stuff.

Has anyone got comments re whether this is sensible?


We were supposed to go to the V festival last year, but was advised not to go. The main reason was the toilets. I was half way through fec and tax and didn’t want to risk it. It was also the large number of people and being a long way from my team. I had neulasta jabs, but still ended out this one admission for infection and low WBC. I know life goes on and some people are more happy to take risks than others. I love live music and have been to as many gigs as possible around my treatment. I saw Green day at Wembley just before surgery, Kings of Leon in Sheffield just after rads ( and few more in between ) and this year am planning, the Foo Fighters, Take that : ) and the Leeds Festival in around herceptin. I just didn’t want to take the risk with Chemo. I had considered not camping, but the toilets are still yuk and to be honest. I wasn’t up to it.

Good luck with whatever you decide.



I Think you may have to give Wychwood a miss but you should be ok for WOMAD.

I went to the Hop Farm festival last July on the weekend before my last chemo…I even camped!! I coped but did spend a lot of time sitting down!!

Viv xx

I go to ‘V’ every year but am not going to chance it this year and have opted out. I have a chum who lives near the Weston Park site so we don’t even camp but go in every day having had a comfy bed and hot shower/bath etc, but I’m not going to chance it.
I will be at FEC 3 and its the number of people/toilet issues and general unhygienicness (is that a word??!!)of the thing which worries me.

Will just have to watch it on C4 this year!

Good luck with your decision.


guess your previous blood counts could give you some idea how your immunity is holding up- I know my OH (the onc) was pretty horrified when a friend chaired a big conference during chemo - just cos of all the people and therefore all the potential bugs… maybe Womad the most realistic, if you aren’t delayed so its when your count will be climbing back up. Trouble is living with an Onc is that they do see the people who get infections and end up in hosp on IV antibiotics for a few days …and of course that is by far the minority by a long way…
tricky one, bw Nicola

im off to v this year, and did t in the park last year, but knowing what they are like for being clean, i wouldnt risk it. . im ok as ive just finished rads. xx

It’s the toilets issue really. Are there special good proper toilets for disabled people? There should be. Yuo could use those rather than hole in the ground jobbies or even worse the blue chemicals. Open air is good and it will perk you up. Hard decision. I’ve been to Glastonbury a couple of times recently, classic mud years, and the Hop farm last year, (Bob Dylan Wehey) but not when on chemo.

When i went to t last year, i hadnt been dx, but i was having throat surgery, so i was being careful with not touching things, i out on plastic latex gloves when i went the loo and just used the hand gel.


Hi. I went to a festival nd we hired a v small motor home, which had a toilet shower nd bed!! It was FAB!! May be an idea for you?

Sadie Xx Xx

Thanks everyone for all your comments and advice. I think I’m going to have to go with my original idea of missing Wychwood (because the chance of getting an infection is just too great) and holding out for WOMAD. The motor home idea is nice but I’m getting a bit skint and there are still way too many germy people - when I go to these things I like to get in there at the front and take loads of photos.

I’m not going to get too hung up about it all - I’ve also got Musicport booked in November and that’s staying in an apartment (even hardened campers like me get a bit iffy about yourkshire coast camping in November!)

Thanks again everyone.


I don’t know if you are under 40, but the willow foundation is a charity who arranges special days for people with cancer dx under 40. We asked them for Leeds festival tickets and accommodation ( as I don’t feel like camping this year) and they have got them for us. You could apply and ask for a motor home, or even tickets to a different event. We were going to go for Glastonbury tickets, but were not that fussed on the line up, so they got us Leeds instead.

Just an idea


ooh if only! I’m 51 so too old for that but maybe it could be useful for someone else.

I cancelled my Glastonbury tickets as I was worried about hygiene, but now I will be 3 weeks post op rather than on chemo. Typical, hey?!

That charity sounds wonderful though. What a lovely thing to be able to do.

I was taking my 2 kids to Glastonbury this year as well (1 and 2.5) and was really looking forward to it. Such is life though!!