Do they get it wrong often - can't get idea out of my head

Thanks ladies, i dont feel alone anymore, it was just the paranoia that depression brings, that everyone was avoiding me, irrational but nevertheless a real fear. Thank you for taking time to care.


hey up again jules thanx 4 takin time 2reply 2my thread, u sound a bit like myself…a really good friend with a heart ov gold,and i also think theres many more people on ere the same as me+u,i don’t even know u+have only been on ere just over a week+its people like u that keep me going!! i know its not me thats havin 2 cope with bc or lumps,this was my concern 4my mum,but i luv this site+every1 on it x x gud luck 2 u always+ur daughter+ur mum x

keep smilin x x :wink:

Thanks sweetie, I will try xxxxxx

Morning Jules
Glad you had a good day out yesterday, is Goring somewhere along the South Coast?
Hope you’ve got something nice planned for today,here it is lovely and sunny just the sort of day when you want to be outside, makes a change from the wet bank holidays we sometimes have, does’t it.
Whatever you do - enjoy
magsi x

Hi jules can relate to all you are saying the ladies on this site will do you the world of good they have me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I am on my lappy every day to these guys they are my bc buddies I love them all
maz xxxxxx

Thank you ladies again for your good wishes, I have found something regarding tests that I will copy for everyone to see, its made me feel a bit better about things today, I have seen the similar figures on another site for effectiveness of core biopsies. It might maybe in the future help someone else on here who is worried how accurate the tests are.


Unfortunately because the figures are in a table it won’t let me copy them, but at least if anyone is wondering in future about the accuracy about a test I will be able to put them in ther right direction of the websites.

Jules xxx

Hi julie

You seem to be a lot brighter - that’s good and you’ve had loads of support which is brilliant!! On the forum wrongly diagnosed benign lumps a lady called Supersue has just added that she was only misdiagnosed because a doctor didn’t do all the necessary tests - that should hopefully put your mind at rest a bit more as I understand that your doctor did everything correctly so shouldn’t be inaccurate. Those statistics you found sound interesting - pity you cant put them up

Take care.


Hi Jules,
Glad you are feeling better. You said that you thought that you were being ignored on here. Sometimes if lots of people are posting threads at the same time your thread can be pushed 3 or 4 pages back pretty quickly and then less people see it. Thats probably what happened because it people are in a bad place they usually get lots of replies.
I think that you should try not to look at the subjects that dont concern you like Secondaries. I dont as I find them very upsetting. Keep up with the fresh air and exercise its supposed to be really good for lifting your spirits.
Big hugs to you
lots of love Andrea x

Thankyou Andrea and Cathy. FInding the statistics did make me feel alot better. They were too different sites, and the stats were very similar and both well into the nineties, so I think I have to focus on that rather than fill my head with negative thoughts. I will go and read what Sue wrote Cathy, thank you so much for pointing that out to me.

And Andrea my hubby and I have been out in the country walking my sisters and mum and dads dogs today, I do find when I am out I feel alot better which really is such a good tonic.

I am going to ring the consultants secretary tomorrow to see if I can get my surgery bumped up to sooner. The fact that my doctor has referred me back to the mental health team and I have an appointment in he pipeline, plus with the worry of my mum and daughter both being ill and the worry it is causing me, I hope that this might a difference. I can only ask, if they say no then I have lost nothing by asking.

Hugs to you both and everyone else reading this.