do you carry a yellow card for warfarin?

Hi All,
Have just come back from pharmacy getting my prescriptions, and been ‘told off’ again by pharmacist for not carrying the yellow card he forced on me, because I am on 1mg warfarin daily (I have a portacath).
Every time I go for repeat prescrits he asks intrusive questins about when and where I’m getting blood levels checked. I resent having to say in a shop full of people that I’m on it cos I have a portacath and I’m having blood levels checked every time I go to the hosp. It’s not quite the same as taking warfarin because you have problems with your warfarin levels! Today I told him I was fed up with answering his questions and he smiled a patronising smile and lectured me about the yellow card.
Does anyone else on Warfarin carry this card? Surely my onc would have told me if I needed one when he first put me on it, if it was that vital? It seems such a small dose…
Any advice gratefully received
Jacquie x

I would possibly be really blunt with guy and say somthing like “Do I have to get someone else to get my prescriptions because I’m getting sick of the questions.” or something of that ilk. Mind you I’m sometimes so blunt that I don’t really have those kind of problems… mum taught me how to be polite but very firm from a young age. ie never raise your voice but say what you mean… works a treat, especially with bank managers :slight_smile:

Hi Jacquie

I have a Portacath - it’s been in for 8 months - and I’ve never been given any Warfarin. Do you have very sticky blood? Or should I have been given Warfarin?!

I do have a card to carry that tells people about the Portacath, however.



hi jacquie

Goodness me- my SIL is on warafin for blood clotting and she doesn’t carry a yellow card…I am going to ask her if she has these type of questions.

I think its a bit intrusive and unneeded, I would go elsewhere to have my prescriptions filled. now I am wondering- should I be on it? and should I have a yellow card - am i going to set off an airport scanner and not be able to explain myself!

It shows you how every place is different. I suspect they are giving you warafin as a real safeguard,as you say its a miniscule dose.


Thanks for your replies.
Vertangie - I’m not ususally the sort to speak up. It’s a sign of how hacked off with it I am that I said anything at all!
S, I don’t think I have particularly sticky blood - they just gave it to me from the start.
Cathy -sounds like a yellow card isn’t really a requirement, if your SIL is anything to go by.
Think it’s time to find a new pharmacy. It’s just this one’s so convenient next door to the surgery…
Thanks again

Hi I am a nursing sister, yelow book is essential as it lets anyone know if you are unable to, that you are taking warfarin as it thins the blood this is very important especially during an emergency or even a trip to the dentist because there are many drugs which can enhance the efect of the warfarin good luck x

My dad always carried his around, not sure if he is taking it now but I can see the point as taking warfarin does make you more prone to bleed

mind you his technique hasn’t exactly encouraged you has it???


Thanks Sleepyjean and Mole, I suppose you are right.
Now i have the ignominy of asking for another one, as i threw the first one in the bin.! think I’ll go to the big Boots instead!

Hi Jacquie

My Mum is on 2 mg of Warfarin and I get her prescription for her. 3-4 months ago I started being asked for her yellow card in Boots. They also wanted to know where and how often she gets her blood checked. Apparently it’s to do with some new procedures which came into force back in April - I think! Have to say I have got her prescription from the Co-op and Lloyds and have had no problems.

Hope this helps.


Lynda xx