Do you feel drinks going down

Hi there

I had a bilateral early May and at post op mtg, told my surgeon that I could feel hot and cold drinks going down. She said that a lot of her ladies reported it but there was no medical reason for it to happen.

I just wondered if anyone else has had this and how long it lassts for.

Thanks very much


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Hi Dawnflower
Yes I also had that experience, really wierd and not that pleasant at times, but I was reassured when I read that it was perfectly ‘normal’, and 6 months on it no longer happens.
Another strange experience was that I was suddenly aware of my heart beating, probably because I no longer had a boob covering it :slight_smile: Again I no longer notice that now, I have probably just adapted to it.
Have you had tried to scratch an itch in a non existant breast - another interesting experience!

Magsi x

Yes Dawnflower, I have experienced the same.

Last month, I had bilateral mx and immediate recon with expander implants. I thought the hot/cold feeling may be happening because in the surgery chest wall muscles were moved so implants could go below - that’s only my theory though. I thought it might be a nice cooling sensation in the hot weather (if we get any…) but it is strange. Also I have found I feel colder and thought the implants are maybe not as good insulators as real breast tissue. In a few months I will have the expander implants replaced with permanent silicone ones so maybe a whole new set of sensations await.



I find that if I rub my chin I can feel my chest being tickled

Hi Magsi I had my mastectomy in November 2007 and still feel sometimes that my nipple is itching and I need to scratch. Writing this has started it off again!

Hi Naunamh,
Yes its so strange isn’t it.
Initially I had a lumpectomy at the end of Nov 07 and everytime I went up stairs I had to support the breast as it was bruised and sore.
10 days later I had a mastectomy and for a couple of weeks afterwards I found trying to hold a non existant breast whenever I went up and down stairs. It seems to me that my brain takes a bit of time to catch up with the surgery.

hi dawnflower
so glad (well i dont know if thats the right word under the circumstances) but relieved that i wasnt imagining it, it was mainly with cold drinks for me, i had a mastectomy in march, but now that feeling has gone u will be pleased to know.
at least we can check with each other for what is normal as such
take care one day at a time! makes it bareable.
love and many blessings for a quick recovery.

Yup…posted here about it and discovered its not uncommon. Mine lasted about 3 months then just faded away!