Do you have a mastectomy tattoo?

Hi everybody. I am writing a blog post for a business about post mastectomy tattoos. I would love to talk to anybody who has had one about your experience.


Hi sorry you haven’t had a reply ,I know ladies on the forum have had tattoos post mastectomy . Maybe you could explain what your blog / business is about ? 

Hey there andreadinane

i don’t have a tattoo yet, but am getting a yin/yang- have the design and colors ready to go- I had a partial mastectomy,reduction and reconstruction in October- so I am waiting to be healed a bit more. Would love to hear from others also.

I was in the doctors office when they told me they probably won’t be able to save my nipple, but they could get the margins they needed- my daughter replied the yin/yang of cancer- black/white, saving you,taking a part of you- and that became my mantra-so I will wear it proudly!!

 I will look for your blog