do you have drains fitted in a lumpectomy

Hi all. im currently having chemo to shrink my lump to try & enable a lumpectomy. ive had 3 fec so far. was meant to be 4 but was so ill they stopped it & started the T docetaxol. had 1 T & been very ill again. after seeing consultant after 3rd bad fecs she suggested stopping chemo & going in for mastectomy but then realised ive got to have herceptin as im her2+ so would need chemo after surgery as apparantly herceptin has to ne started off with a chemo. so decided on T chemo so can start herceptin (havent yet, awaiting muga scan) as it may shrink lump in meantime. well like i say had 1 T & been v ill. the herceptin is meant to start on my next round of T but if i dont have it can i start herceptin anyway as only had T 3 wks ago?! Or does it have to be given within days of each other? Other question is do you have a drain fitted for a lumpectomy with no node involvement?? Do drains hurt to remove should i need a mastectomy? They petrify me!! Sorry long winded but hope someone can help x

Hi Helen
Along with the support you will,soon have here please feel free to call our helpliners to talk your queries through, lines are open today 9-5 on 0808 800 6000 (weekdays 9-5 and Sat 10-2)

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Lucy BCC

No, doesn’t hurt when drains are removed, as long as you relax, and the way to do this is,is breath and in and then breath out slowly. You are having lots of problems, take care.

Hi helenstevo,

After lumpectomy I didn’t have a drain, which I think is normal but not certain. I now have to have a mastectomy which will involve a drain and, like you, find the thought scary.  I am taking comfort from the posts that I have read where drains, if mentioned at all, seem to not be a big problem. Xx

I think it depends on the surgeon. I didn’t have drains for lumpectomies but did following mastectomy. They are not painful when in or when removed, just uncomfortable. I ended up with mine for nearly a month and by then just wanted it out regardless of pain. But I was shocked that it didn’t hurt at all. I even told BC nurse I thought she was fibbing when she said it wouldn’t hurt. You can feel it being pulled through your body, just a weird sensation but honestly not at all painful xx