Do you have hot flushes?

Dear Everyone

It would be really great if you could take the time to complete the attached survey about how hot flushes during the treatment of breast cancer affects you.  Breast Cancer Care are helping the DoH with the collection of this data and also sit on the working group of the newly formed National Cancer Research Institute Breast Cancer Symptom Management Working Group (NCRI).

Here is the link.

The group  hope to analyse the results during December.

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Yes I have hot flushes. Not a nice experience

My hot flushes are getting worse. Has anyone found a difference in the brands of tablets? I’m only on my second month and I’ve been given a different brand of tablets. I had Accord and now Sandoz. How have you found each of these brands. Thanks. PenguinB

Hi penguin biscuits, yes they do vary brand to brand I have one at the moment that is not too bad but others I have loads of sweats on

My hot flushes used to be really bad but they settled down and I hardly ever get them now (been on tamoxifen for nearly 5 years)


What make of tamoxifen is best? I heard the one beginning with N is supposed to be good but can’t remember what it’s called. Does anyone know thanks xxx tracy

Hi ladies, I have been on tamoxifen since September last year. Whilst I was on wockhardt the flushes were bearable but since about ten days after starting TEVO the flushes have built to a peak! I am lucky that they aren’t too bad at night but that might be because I take my Tamo in the morning. I am a terrible sleeper at the best of times, so am keen to limiti nighttime flushes. Meanwhile, I try to not have caffeine more then once a day in a drink and am trying to limit my chocolate intake. I have also started jogging three times a week, slowly…!
When I have a hot flush, I sip water and breathe deeply and pray it passes quickly. . . But sometimes it’s so bad I could scream!!
I think it’s important we stick with it though. I read an article about Kylie minogue saying she hated the flushes so much that she wanted to stop taking Tam but her doc persuaded her to keep going and she says she is glad she did.
But some days, after my 17th hot flush of the day, I just want to give up!! I won’t though.
Take care

Hot flushes stopped completely for me, I do not even notice the brand anymore. And I got a period … So I have just been told my womb’s lining is thicker than it should be and will need more investigations… Just wanted to say “stay vigilant”.

Hi everyone,

I too have put up with hot flushes since starting on tamoxifen 2 years ago, then I was put on citlopram to try and alleviate them. It’s meant for depression and anxiety but they discovered that it also helped with hot flushes. I don’t suffer from depression thankfully although couple of friends of mine have had that since taking tamoxifen,and I don’t know if it’s a coincidence but my hot flushes really did ease up after a couple of weeks of taking it. I wondered if it was because it was winter so i wasn’t getting so hot anyway, but this summer we’ll see!

HI Everyone,


I started getting hot flushes during chemotherapy and they have continued since.  I’ve not started the tamoxifen yet but will update after I’ve taken it for a while.


Interestingly I recently started taking my vitamins again and have taken magnesium at night time.  I’ve been sleeping better and the hot flush I was getting as soon as I woke up in the morning has stopped. Quite possibly coincidence but something I’ll monitor once taking the tamoxifen. 



Hi its my first time posting on here,so a big hello to every body. I had a mastectomy 2 weeks ago, and I am due to start on tamoxifen, I have read some horror stories about side effects and would appreciate advice.




Hi Gstar and welcome to the BCC forums where you will find support and shared experiences from your fellow users

In addition, our helpliners are on hand with practical and emotional support on 0808 800 6000 and lines are open weekdays 9-5 and Saturdays 10-2 so please feel free to call

Here’s a link to the BCC tamoxifen information along with a publication which you can download, I hope you find this helpful:

Best wishes
Lucy BCC

Hi all, still on tamoxifen, no hot flushes, no moods, got my period back… Still checking the lining of my womb but I can say as the breast care nurse said to me, tamoxifen CAN cause all those side effects, but it is not necessarily all of them all the time. Besides, it keeps the risk of recurrence at bay, so… Good luck everyone xxx

I have no side effect whatsoever except for the thickening of the lining of my womb, which is a serious side effect but can be reversed (I am told, by removing my ovaries…). I too started August/September last year, got a couple of months of moods and flushes, then the side effects faded away. Good luck, and remember that tamoxifen is a chemotherapy and prevents hormone positive cancer from developing and therefore prevents recurrence. xxx

Started tamoxifen at the beginning of April 2014 and so far so good. I don’t have hot flushes, mood swings and haven’t put on any weight (so far). I think it’s a case of having an open mind and seeing how the side effects go XXX

I have recently noticed (within maybe the past 2-3 weeks) that i seem to have put on weight especially round the middle. I feel like i have swallowed a big balloon! Perhaps if i was still jabbing myself with the GSF injections from Chemo it would pop and go down!!

And i notice more frequently waking up at all hours sweating as though i have just ran a marathon, but i ts only in the head and neck area and i have to do my hair (i have finally grown an acceptable short haircut i like!) every morning usually rinsed in conditioner as it is dry.

I started Anastrozole back in Sept 2013 and thought i was lucky up until now not having either of these 2 side effects!


Cheers,Michele x

I have just finished chemo and am away to start radiotherapy and tamoxofen, I have gone into menopause and have around 30 hot flashes a day/night. I have put on 2 stone, have no libido suffer from fibromyalgia and now have neuropathy. I already take citalapran and ayitryptaline and none of these help with the added side effects. I am worried about taking tamoxofen and quite frankly have no humour left to carry me through. I am awaiting an appointment with a dietician as I read so many conflicting reports about what foods/alternative medicines to take. What other practical thinks have others tried found helps? PS I stopped smoking as soon as I had surgery over 5 months ago. My husband is also giving me a bit of a hard time due to weight gain and comments on how I need to build up stamina…I wish!

Hello, me again, not posted for ages but the hot flushes are as bad as ever (don’t think they could possibly get any worse), I could power hell single handedly (hope I get good terms). They,re relentless, all day, all night. I have approx another 16 months on Arimidex which my onc thinks is responsible and says I ‘could’ give it up now but I just feel I’m so near the 5 yr finishing post I should stick it out. It’s just sometimes, like tonight they tip me over the edge. No one could understand just how awful they can be without experiencing them, ‘hot flush’ sounds like nothing but… I’ve tried EVERYTHING but fans all around the house, special sheets etc are the only things that help. Anyone know what I’m talking about? Moan over, I think I’ll top my wine glass up ( yes I know that possibly makes them worse but quality of life counts) Madkiki :slight_smile:

Hi ladies, i dont know whether it’s me, the weather or just luck - but my hot flushes that were dominating my life recently have tapered off quite a lot in the past week or so.

I was wondering if it had anything to do with the lower temperatures we have been having this past week or so, or is the Anastrozole just giving me a false sense of security before it comes back with a vengeance?!

So nice not to sit here with my whole body, especially my head, just glistening with sweat! I have had the odd one here and there and they didnt overwhelm me too much either!

But I have been having a recurrence of the back, hip and shoulder pain that went away, so it looks as if one is compensating for the other!! I took some Ibuprofen yesterday for the first time in ages, so it must be bothering me as I dont usually bother.

So if we have another round of heatwave anytime soon, then I can expect to be back to showers, fans and Chillow Pillow again!!

Cheers, Michele x

Actually, the opposite happened to me, they had gone but I have been having hot flushes this week, not sure why… Tamoxifen with a vengeance?