Do you Report. Aches and Pains. I feel like a hypercondriac

Is it just me !!! I just feel that I am becoming a hypercondriac, and worse too I think my Oncologist thinks the same.

I have had several scans since DX due to aches and pains, which my Onc has arranged for me, and this I appreciate, but I also worry like for the past 5 weeks now I have had a burning, stabbing pain in my groin, I told him of this last week and he said, pain often comes and goes. if it still there next month he will give me an ultrasound!
The thing is the pain is now constant and getting worse, waking me at night, but i’m afraid to push on this.

When DX i had 22 nodes removed 16 of them infected, so this was quite high, he told me they would scan regularly for secondaries, but they only ever scan parts of my body, ie one boob, why not both to be on the safeside!

Also I did have cancer of the cervix back in 2006 although caught without any further treatment needed just laser. But I haven’t had a smear test since then, this also worries me…

Sorry for my rant, Basically am I a hypercondriac ???

Love Teresa

No, muffett, you’re not a hyperchondriac. I even phoned the oncology ward to ask if I could take a Lemsip for a cold, what you have is a lot more worrying than a couple of sniffles!

One of the possible problems with our treatment can be thrombosis, so the sort of pain you describe should be investigated, to avoid other more difficult problems cropping up. I know you’re in Spain (are you still there?) so things might be different, but call and speak to someone with decision-making powers and see what they say. Don’t allow yourself to be fobbed off if you’re not happy that things have been explained properly, though you may find that what they say puts your mind at rest.

Hi chocciemuffin, Yes I am still in Spain. I can’t contact anyone until Thurs, that’s the only time they are at my clinic.
I just feel like im worrying and whinging about nothing, but then think if it is something I will kick myself for not pushing!
Thanks for being there again, bless you xxx

I agree. How are we supposed to know which pains to report and which are trivial aside from anything listed in the guidelines? That said, I think my ordinary aches and pains (I’m a lot older than you) are worse, or perhaps it’s just that I have more time to notice.

I would certainly ask about anything that’s keeping you awake at night, especially if it is getting worse.

I hope it turns out to be nothing to worry about though, or something easily treatable.


one thing i can say is since dx im in more pain than i have ever been in and i can put up with a lot right now my back feels like it bent intwo feet swell up and hurt to walk on them shoulders hurt to touch and all this before treatment has even started (i know im putting everything i have into getting daughter house sorted out but even when i was painting my own i never felt like i was in pain shattared yes but not in pain .OH thinks i thinking to much about it now than i have ever done before but i really think it hurts more so if your a hypercondriac (which you aint ) im one too
tc maz xx

Hi Teresa,
The burning sensation in your groin sounds like something that I experienced a few months ago and it comes and goes occasionally still but the most common cause in us girls whove had lymph node clearance is that the nodes in the rest of our bodies are overworked. Ive noticed that my groins and my non-BC armpit are very lumpy and tender if Ive been over-doing stuff like housework or gardening or even a few late nights in a row. Once I accepted this possible explanation, it seemed to ease off, but, by all means tell your onc when you next see him, Im no expert in medical matters but I`m probably Mastermind standard in being a hypochondriac.
Adios amiga, Mags xx