Do you see your GP??

Now I have nothing against GP’s in general. I had 2 wonderful women who saved my life 9 years ago when the arrogant consultant kept telling me young women dont get bc.

However in the following years I have found GPs great for everyday things eg tonsillitis, thrush…To be honest mainly for my daughter.

I would never see them if concerned about anything that I had not already diagnosed myself!! That sounds bad!!

Anyway today I had a concern, based around swine flu really. I had felt a bit coldy for a few days, mild temp etc. This morning I woke up and my tongue was white. The whole of the skin on the inside of my mouth was shedding and tongue.
Now I do get that mildly following herceptin.
Anyway the GP rang back and asked me to come in.

This qualified man asked me, what herceptin was, what it did, what the side effects were ( I explained in a similar way that I do to my 12 year old). Similarly with femara.

Now i know they are generalists but come on, isnt this a bit much???

Julie xx

Outrageous considering that he had plenty of time to look it up before you arrived. My GP has looked up things while I am there and even given me websites for my info.

Change your doc. You shouldn’t have to go through that again. Well done you on the teaching though.

Good luck.

I’m with you on that point Julie, I always try to see mu own GP but as she is the only half decent one there getting an appointment is a work of art. Being forced to see one of the old codgers recently as my doc on hol,didn’t have much faith as I suspected I had developed lymphodema,in his greater knowledge he told me that you don’t get lymphodema to the breast and no he wouldn’t refer me to the lymphodema specialist but told me I had mastitis ! Of course the antibiotics he gave me made no difference whatsoever and I got my referal via the bcn,who over the phone told me I just had rads damage,stamped my foot ,got seen and have been told that I have lymphodema to breast,side and arm ! Am considering taing my lovely sleeve and slapping them about the head with it !

Sandra x

Yep Sandra, I am with you there!!

Hi girls, I look on my GP as the gatekeeper! Over the years I have developed a good relationsahip with him and only go to see him as I get fed up starting at the beginning again if I see a different GP. I know more about treatments and where I am at than he does but I go to him if I don’t understand something or if it is to do with results and he has had a letter for my Consultant. I once asked him how he could keep abreast of all the new findings regarding BC, and he said " I rely on patient’s like you Val to keep me informed." GP’s are not specialists but they can get you referred to one. I know I was having a hearing problem so went to see this GP. He tried to fob me off when I asked to be referred to the ENT, but persuaded him that I thought I had a problem. I got my appointment with the ENT and was dianosed with being deaf in both ears, for high notes especially. The noise I was hearing in my head was not stress but tinnitus, so I was not imagining it. Everyone has the right to ask for a referral if they are worried. My personal problem with the surgery in not GP’s but the hitler-type receptionists you need to get passed in order to see anyone!! But in fairness to the receptionists, have you ever stood back and listened to the crap they have to take from “Jo-Public”. People can be so extremely rude if they don’t get their own way. Love Val X