Do you tell dentist you're on Tamoxifen?

Read in the leaflet that you should let your dentist know. I’ve got a check up appointment tomorrow, does anyone know what the connection is?
Thinking I’ll be telling him and he’ll be looking st me blankly!!


I’m not sure specifically what the connection is, but dentists like to have a record of all the medication that you’re on.

Sue xx

I had this dilemma too ,we are supposed to tell the dentist about all medication, but for some reason I struggled to share this with my dentist just felt really personal and not connected .One of the ladies I went through treatment with worked in a dental practice -she asked the dentist about this issue and he said there had never been any issues connected to Tamoxifen and dental treatment. Best to be upfront but I struggled with sharing it .The optician def needs to know as can cause changes to your eyes .

Hi I told my dentist because the bc nurse said tamoxifen can make your blood thicker and give you clots so can affect healing. It’s just in case you have any extractions I think x