Do you think stress causes cancer?

Hello everyone,

I was diagnosed about 18 months ago, after a very stressful 5 years. Supporting elderly parents both with cancer, both passed away within 2 months of each other.

Husband also had cancer during the same time.

I cannot help wondering if stress is a contributing factor in causing cancer.

Did anyone else have a stressful period in their lives before diagnosis?


Sorry to hear you’ve had a bad run over the last few years.
I’ve asked myself the same question, I had a very bad twin pregnancy over two years ago with my health affected and a problem tenant in my house - to the point my house was a crime scene I had constant calls relating to them from neighbours/ police etc whilst trying to evict.
I convince myself at diagnosis that this all contributed - no quite so any physical evidence though.

I always believed things happen in threes! But with my pregnancy probs, bad tenant, nc and all so discovered a slightly faulty heart valve from the tests I’ve had for a clinical trial I count 4! - I joke I must have been someone evil in a past life!
Hope you’ve got a good support network and you’ll find this site a great support x

Read up on chronic stress and its effect on the auto immune system.

Long term stress basically results in the body giving up on fighting illness.

Yes I think it does. I had a stressful time. Moving to devon from Somerset away from my grown up children and grandchildren. Then moved in with my partner who already lived in Devon to find out at that upsetting time that he had been messing around with a women at work. Which caused months of stress to me then I took a job in a care home where the staff were poorly treated and ona normal week it was 50 hrs or more. Then the week I left due to being run down (march 2015) I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I really do believe it contributed to it. Luv to all xxx

I really hope that stress isn’t a factor cos having been diagnosed and having to wait for so many test results, appointment etc is so stressful its a miracle anyone ever gets over this. But they do!!!

Hi I defininately think stress is a factor, I am 33 and was diagnosed 3 weeks ago. My mother and her mother had it but at 52 so it’s odd I have got it much younger. My life has been stressful for the last two years, I have two children aged 5 and 2, I work full time in a stressful job and I am doing a degree part time! But in the 6 months prior to finding the lump things were even more stressful as we sold and bought a house which in turn caused my marriage to temporarily break down. I have been stressed and permanently exhausted for months and now I have bc, I can’t see how they are not linked especially If when I get my genetic testing, it shows I am not a carrier.