Docetaxal and FEC

I am just about to change over to FEC from docetaxal.  I have heard it has less side effects.  I’d like to know other people’s experiences of side effects.

Dear Jules

Whilst you are waiting for a reply there are a lot of threads already discussing FEC and the side effects.  Why not pop onto one of them to ask your question?  Also there are chemotherapy monthly threads where people who are all starting their treatment in the same month ‘meet’ to share their experience and support each other, I am sure that you will find lots of suppor there.

Also Breast Cancer Care have produced comprehensive information regarding all chemothapy drugs, including FEC.  Please click on the link to read in detail.

Best wishes
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Hi Jules


I am from the January chemo thread, there are quite a few of us just had the first T. The side effects have been very different from FEC for me much less nausea and instead I have has quite severe mouth sores and achy bones.