Docetaxal didnt work...tumour still growing

Hi all

Im one of the January thread ladies but I thought for this problem Id cast my net a bit wider.

Im Stage 3a ILC with positive sentinal nodes. Ive been having chemo before surgery and have started on Docetaxal prior to the FEC. After 2 sessions i noticed my breast was hard, painful and my nipple was fully retracted. An MRI showed Ive had no response to the Chemo at all and my tumour has grown.

I am obviously majorly freaked out and worried I wont respond to anything…

I start FEC tomorrow.

Please is there anyone else that experienced this and had a better response with a different drug? x

Hi RosieH,

Many thanks for your post. I wondered if you might find it helpful to chat to our nurses on our free Helpline?

They reopen at 9am on Monday, you can reach them on 0808 800 6000.

Best wishes,


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