Docetaxal Leg Pain.

Any ideas for relief? Please.
I’m less than a week in, and it’s almost unbearable. I feel like someone’s twisting the blooming things round. Paracetamol etc haven’t touched it, nor baths or exercise.
Don’t want to be a nuisence, but this is keeping me in the house.

I had leg pain and back pain on Docetaxol - vile. I eventually found that it was best to get stuck into the painkillers as soon as I even got an inkling it was about to start (usually about 4-5 days in) and then to take a combination of diclofenec and Paramol (which I believe used to be called co-dyhidromol). You can buy paramol over the counter, but not diclofenec) But i suggest you ask your onc, the chemo nurses or your GP - if you get it on prescription you won’t have to pay!
All the best
Mo xx

Thanks Moser.
I phoned the chemo people and have now spoken to an out of hours doctor who is arranging for some Codeine for tonight. Fingers crossed!

I know the feeling elttiks. My onc described it as “flu like aches and pains”. UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR!! I was in agony for 2 days and paracetemol didn’t touch it. Co-codemol took the edge off a bit but I’m going to ask for something stronger for next time. Hope yours eases up soon
Debs x

Bloody hurts don’t it? It’s everywhere now but have a little box of codeine now and will ask the GP for some more on Monday x