Docetaxel and fever without infection?

Hi everyone,


I was just wondering if anyone else had lots of fevers on Docetaxel? I had four FECs and four Docetaxels and got a fever exactly 3 days after each Docetaxel. I went to the hospital everytime and they never found any infection. I wonder if a slight fever could be one of the SEs?


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Hiya Juliet


yes i had exactly the same.  3 FEC then 3 Taxol.  no’s 1 and 3 of taxol ended up at A & E on both occasions they tested everything.  ears eyes urine stools Chest Xray everything but couldn’t find an infection yet i had a serious temp… on number 3 taxol it was snowing and the on call Radiographer had to be brought in an ambluanve over the Pennines as it wasn’r passible by any other motor vehicle (snowy Sunday Night 10pm)… I felt really bad at the resources being used but they were great, a lovely young female registrar spent from 10pm to 3am taking samples / sending them to the lab and couldn’t find anything but still had a fever and very high temp…


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I find docetaxel much worse than FEC for side effects. It feels rather like have fl. I’m now on the regular injections after chemo, as I was neutropenic the first time.
The docetaxel appears to strip iron out of my system , so I was anaemic last week, and breathing was tough.
But in answer to your question, yes I’ve been hot and feverish, and nearly gone to A&E a few times, but in my case my temperature was volatile, so I decided not to go in.